Written by dirtyslut

7 May 2005

I have just had one of the most amazing nights ever! I have been chatting on line to a guy who arranges gang bangs for a while and tonight I finally got to meet him and his mates

He arranged the hotel and I arrived early so I could settle in the room and get comfortable....then I went down to the bar to meet Steve....there were quite a few guys dotted around but I recognised him immediately from his pic. We had a drink and then he suggested we move things back to the bedroom. I asked him where the others were and he just smiled and said not to worry...by now the bar was a lot emptier so we walked back up to the room with no one talking much notice.

In the lift Steve started kissing me and ran his hands up my legs and started rubbing my pussy...I could feel his cock through his trousers and was really looking forward to getting it out.

We got to the room and I went to get my key out but he laughed and just knocked on the door....to my surprise a naked guy answered - I recognised him from the bar - I walked in and there on the bed were 6 other guys..all naked and all wanking their cocks hard...obviously waiting for the fun to begin

within minutes I was naked and laying on the bed spreadeagled...all 8 men were stroking my body and exploring my soaking wet cunt...it looked so good - all pink - shaved and puffy with all those fingers pulling it open and finger fucking it...by now I was eagerly sucking a guys cock and wanking another two as one of the others started to lick my cunt...then he moved up so that his cock slide into me and started to fuck as i sucked harder and harder on the cock ....it wasnt long before I was cumming and the guy fucking me filled my cunt with his cum...and the other pumped his load down my throat.then it was time for me to be on all fours...again i was mounted by one of the men and fucked good and hard as the next one presented his cock to my mouth - to lots of cum now at both ends....

The next guy to fuck me wanted me on top so I crouched over his rigid dick and watched as the cum dribbled out of my pussy and over his balls ...then I slide down his shaft and started to ride him ...as i was fucking him I felt a pair of hands open up my arse cheeks and fingers started to massage my arsehole - rubbing the cum around it to get it nicely lubbed...then i was pushed forward and I could feel a guy slowly pushing his cock up my arse as I was fucking the cock in my cunt......god it was amazing to have a cock in both holes and we soon got into a good rhythm...the rest of the guys were getting me to suck their cocks and coming fast - I think I must have had about 5 loads of cum over my face and hair as the two cocks pounded inside me...I knew I was going to cum again for about the 10th time and the guys could feel the tension in my pussy and arse muscles....I bucked and screamed as I started to cum and they fucked me harder and harder matching my thrusts deeper and deeper....then I heard the guy up my arse moan and knew he was about to cum - with that the one up my cunt grunted and I felt two cocks throb as they gushed their cum deep into my holes at the same time.......I fell on the bed - cum streaming from every orifice - I was exhuasted so just laid there as 3 more of the guys fucked me, each taking me up the arse and pussy again and the rest cum over my tits and face....after 4 hours I was completely drenched in come and had the biggest smile on my face ever....I had such a great time I am going back again very very soon :)