Written by jenny

4 Oct 2004

in my desk draw at work i had placed a letter which i wrote to a friend that i enjoyed dressing in womens clothes, and i always wanted to come to work dressed as a female

i went home and forgot to take it with me. when i returned to work the next day the letter was gone.

at the end of the day, a female worker said to me she has the letter and she wants me to come dressed to the office on sat morning wearing my complete outfit or she will show my letter to all the office girls.

since the office is closed on sat, i felt safe. i had on a sweat suit over my dress to conceal it until i got on the elevator. immediately i remove the sweatsuit and put on my hi heel shoes.when the door opened there she was looking at me

she took the sweatsuit from me and told me to come to her office. she ask me to let her take pictures so i would always be in her control

we went to the ladies room and she did my make up.

she then walked to the elevator and we went down to the main floor.she then gave me her car keys and told me to go get the suitcase in her car. i was scared to do this however i opened the door and headed for her car. it was great to be out side wearing hi heels and a dress. when i returning to the office entrance, i heard a car coming and i quickly got back to the elevator. the man was saying lady hold the door please. i just smiled as the door closed..

i went back to her office where she was waiting. she said to open it and change into the black skirt and blouse. when i undress she took more pictures of me in my bra and panties. every sat she makes this fantasy happen