Written by Happylady

28 Jan 2004

Afew years ago, my hubby and I went to the GP because he could not hold a good erection..This Dr was recommended because he was an experienced counsellor in sexual problems. He asked that I attend too because he believed that the problem was a shared one and not just my hubby's. Well we arrived and went straight into the Dr's room-very unusual in a GP surgery. Later, I found out why we did not have to wait....

The Dr asked us to tell him about the problem and also asked me how it affected me. I told him how frustrated I felt cos my husband could not fuck me, and the only satisfaction I had was from my Rampant rabbit vibrator. (I didn't tell him about the fucking I'd had from the 3 men who did the refuse collection on Friday's and who all shagged the arse off me in the back of the refuse wagon. So much so that I often had to spend 2 or 3 days off work because I was so sore. No problem with that, but I just wanted, more than anything, for my hubby to be able to shag me rigid... I love him, you see.)

The Dr listened and said 'well, let's get straight to the point. We do not have much time to waste. What I am about to suggest may seem unorthodox, but it has worked for all the other patients I have helped.' My old man and me looked at one another and we both said 'ok Dr, please show us'

Straight away he got on the intercom and asked the nurse to come in. Almost immediately, the nurse entered wearing the shortest scantiest nurses uniform I had ever seen!! My hubbies eyes nearly popped out 'cos the skirt was up to her arse, she was showing a lot of stocking top and suspenders, her tits were almost falling out of the open top of her dress and she holding a COLONIC ENEMA KIT!! She smiled directly at my husband who looked as if he may protest, but he had no time cos she went straight over to him and grabbed his crotch VERY HARD!!

Dr! I said What's going on? I was shocked and confused!! Don't worry my dear, he said, I'm sure this will work, just relax. Stunned, I turned back to look at my hubby only to see that the nurse had unzipped his flies and was fondling his willy!!! I did not know what to say or do, so i just watched in amazement. My hubbies cock was growing and growing as the nurse rubbed him up and down his shaft, flicked her fingers over the tip and teased his balls with the enema tube! By now his cock was rampant and he was squirming in his chair. Turning to the Dr he said' what shall I do now Doc?' The Dr said 'do nothing til I tell you.' I could hardly contain my self and found my hands going down to my pussy to try and relieve the urges I was exxperiencing. The nurse was getting down on all fours now and was kissing, nibbling and licking my hubbies cock, sometimes rubbing it on her tits and large, prominent brownish nipples. The Dr said to him now, how do you feel? 'I want to come!' said my hubby, but this can't be right! 'Just relax said the Dr, 'hang on to your come a bit longer, theres more to see and do.'

At this point the Dr said i should undress and get on the couch. I was so excited I couldn't resist, so I stripped and hopped up on to the high couch. The Dr came over, smiling and licking his lips now. He pulled my legs apart quite forcefully, and began to examine inside my cunt with his fingers, first one then two then three. i could not help letting my cum juice go, it trickled out all hot and runny onto his fingers. The nurse, stood up and left my hubby with his huge erect cock. She stripped off completely, except for her stockings and suspenders and came over to the couch. 'I want you to examine this woman for me' said the Dr 'make sure she is fit to be fucked by me, then you, then her husband. And make sure her husband does not come yet.' The nurse went back to my hubby, grabbed his throbbing cock and squeezed the tip really hard. He yelled out and his cock started to go down a bit. I looked up at the Dr and saw he was unzipping his flies now and reaching into his Y fronts. He pulled out his cock which was big and rad but really flaccid! He started to rub it with both hands and it slowly grew and Grew and GREW!!! It was the most enormous cock I had ever seen, about 10 ins and his balls were as big as turnips! He must have been about 65, cos his skin was all wrinkled and his pubes were grey and thin. His cock, which was really close to my face, smelled of piss and stale cum juices but I liked it in a dirty sort of way. While this was going on the nurse was poking all her fingers up my cunt and was also trying to ease the enema tube up my anus. i asked her to stop, because i was shy but she said don't worry my dear, it won't hurt much. You may even come to enjoy it.' But I was embarrased and looked to my husband to reassure me. He, however, was loving watching all of this and was still fondling his cock and balls, having undone his trousers now and freed his tackle to be fully exposed above his underpants which were hanging below his knees. As my mouth opened to ask him if he was ok with all of this, the Dr suddenly placed his penis inside my lips and stroked the inside of my mouth with the tip. I couldn't help it! I sucked really hard and took his cock right down to my tonsils! I could feel it throbbing and I thought he was going to come in my mouth.!! The nurse was fingering my cunt and clit really hard now and was also shoving the enema tube up and down in my arse hole, really fast. My cunt was contracting and just as |i thought i would come, the Dr said, 'Nurse! Put this woman's legs up in the stirrups!' The nurse pulled her fingers out of my cunt, licked them and placed the enema by the sink. She erected the stirrups and pulled my legs up into them and strapped them into place, really tight. My arse was right on the end of the couch, so when the Dr stood in front of me, his cock which was poking out through the zip in his trousers was in the exact right position to enter me. I could not wait. He approached me until the tip was just touching my cunthole and then he asked my hubby to come and stand and watch. My hubby stepped out of his trousers and pants and walked over with his cock in his hand. The Dr started to put his cock right in me andas he did he said to my hubby,who's cock was twitching and jerking by now, 'just watch, dont touch, dont come or nursey will be after you!' The Dr's trouser zip was rubbing hard on my pubes and lips now and his cock was really shafting me , so big and hard and dry it was ripping me a bit and banging the end of my cervix. i gave some little cries and he said' that's lovely my dear. I'm glad you are enjoying it.' Well, it hurt really, but yes, I Liked it! My hubbies cock was twitching in his hand and the nursey said you'd better give that a squeeze Dr@ So the DR reached his hand over to my hubbie's cock and squeezed the tip very hard. mY huubie yelled STOP! But the Dr just smiled and carried on squeezing and also fucking me in and out in and out with massive thrusts. He was like demon! I nearly passed out but stopped just as the nurse put her pussy right by my face as she opened her cunt lips about 1cm from my nose. I don't know why, but i shoved my nose right up her slit and fucked her with it as i licked her shit smelling arsehole with my tongue. Suddenly she began to writhe and gasp and then she was coming into my face as her hot fanny fluids trickled down into my mouth. She leaned onto my tits as she continued to writhe and moan and massaged my tits and nips til it hurt. My arse bucked up and down as the DRs cock banged even harder and as I felt sure he would come he whipped his cock out and shoved his cock into a glass bottle which stood by the sink. He came loads and loads of spunk and when he finished he pulled his shrinking cock out of the bottle and said to the nurse get a paper towel and wipe my cock! She rubbed his dick really hard with a rough paper towel - it must have hurt him but he just smiled and said very good nurse, your turn now. The nurse went to the sink and made up a solution (it turned out to be oils and detergent) and poured it into the jar with the spunk juice the dr had squirted in. She came at me with enema, smiling, her eyes glistening. I felt a bit nervous, but my hubby said, it's ok my darling, not much longer now. All of a sudden, the enema tube was going into my cunt, first of all in and out and then up higher and higher til it was a bit uncomfy. Then I felt a warm rush of liquid in there and did not realise straight away that she had put the mixture of spunk and oils and detergent up mu cunt! But it felt wonderful!!! I cried for more but the nurse slapped my arse really hard and said don't be naughty, I thought you just wanted your hubby!

'Is it my turn at last? said my hubby? Yes it is, but not now said the Dr. You just both dress and go home, You can have your fucking way with her there!

Well, we did! And it worked! My hubby has huge, lasting erections now, and, if ever he feels lacking in that direction we just share our memories of the visit to the DRs surgery... I recommend it!