Written by Trainman

26 Apr 2019

Between appointments this afternoon parked down a quiet country lane to check emails and make some calls. No houses either side for about a mile when a small silver car drove past and parked about 10 yards away. The driver, an old retired guy, got out with a dog and started throwing a ball into the fields. He looked over at me as the dog brought the ball back and kept this up for 10 mins all the time glancing over. Maybe he was wondering what I was doing sat there. Before he parked I'd also been checking Swinging Heaven so was feeling horny with my cock in my hand as I watched him. He kept throwing the ball and moving nearer to me until he was almost next to the car. When he heard the car window going down he turned, said hello and muttered something about 'Nice car'. Asking a few questions he stepped closer until he was at my door. I was wearing thin cotton sweatpants and my hard on, shoved inside, was making a nice big bulge. As he leaned on the door he looked in and when I saw him do that I started to stroke the bulge, outlining it. He said 'That looks nice too' and I slipped the sweatpants down to my ankles and sat there with my stiff cock against my belly, my balls resting on my thighs. He said 'Hang on' and put his dog back in the car.

As he walked back to mine I unzipped my sweat top and with nothing underneath I was sitting there basically naked by the time he got to me. He murmured approvingly as he stood looking in at me then just reached in through the window and taking hold of my cock began to wank it. I sat back eyes closed and let him slowly wank me, his other hand twisting and pinching a nipple. Opening the door he leaned in and guided my cock into his warm mouth. I raised my hips off the seat so my balls hung down between my legs and sliding his hand under me he rolled and cupped them as he wanked and sucked me. It felt so horny being outdoors, almost naked in the car, door open as this old stranger sucked and wanked me. We heard a truck coming but he just carried on, head down as it went past. He was teasing the head of my cock, making the tip really sensitive then sliding down on it taking the full length, all the time pulling my balls down, telling me I was a 'sexy boy'.

He said 'I'd love to taste you' so I told him to toss me really hard and fast as I arched my back on the seat offering him more of my cock. He gripped my shaft tighter and wanked me faster, sucking my balls and licking the shaft and when I knew I was going to cum I pushed his head down onto my stiff cock ........... then shot my load, filling his willing mouth as he squeezed my balls and sucked hard , draining every drop of my cum. When he stood up he simply said 'Thank you, that was lovely', pulled a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his mouth, patted my arm and walked away. I zipped my top and pulled up my sweatpants and drove home stroking my cock at the thought of that sleazy interval.

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