Written by shuan

7 Aug 2005

i am a taxi driver and one of my customers works in a local dog boarding kennel,this is in a secluded spot, i have taken her into the local town centre on numeroius occasions,and yes we always kind of flierted with eachother.she is 43 yrs old and very attractive,during one of our many talks we had,we were discussing our places of work etc.and she said she lived in a cottage,within the boarding kennels by herself,she told me she kind of had a boyfriend but he lived about 50 miles away ,was married ,and a salesman,and only called when passing through so to speak,so we was talking about how quiet it was were she worked/lived,and she had plenty of walks into the woods with the dogs.i said that their must be lots of people,around walking biking etc,and just straight out of the blue she said,she was out walking the dogs about 1:30pm yesterday in the woods when she saw two me sat on the grass area between some bushes,it was a very secluded part of the woods,one guy was sat on the gras with his pants round his ankles with a massive hardon,about 9inches she recond,the other guy then knelt between his legs and proceeded to take his cock into his mouth,he seemed to struggle at first ,then managed to take it all down his throat,he started going hell for leather giving him a good cock suking , ,i asked her,what did you do?,she said i watched inamaze ment and though lucky so and so at least he is getting some .she then walk up to them but could nt get by down the woodsonly path,she said they just carried on ,and the guys sucking said ,hang on aminute love he,s nearly going to cum in my mouth ,i was fairly shockred by what she had just told me ,(reasons being will be told further on)she waited and watch them till theyhad finished ,she told me she had noticed that the guy being sucked off had a very large sizes cock,which was bigger than her so called boyfriends,they guy who had sucked him off had been wanking himself at the same time ,but had amuch smaller cock ,about 6 ins ,she thought,now what she didnt know was it was me getting a very good cock sucking,because she couldnt quite see my face from the posititon i was in ,which was lucky for me,she went on to say she was engrossed in what she saw,and it had turned her on emensly,but i didnt evan realise she was even there i was just enjoying myself too much,she then looked into my rearview mirror and said lucky him ,is repliedc which one ,se said the guy taking thebig cock ,cos it could have been me, well i was gobsmacked, but starting to get a massive hard on in my jeans, i then asked her ,where exactly was this place ,acting rather dumb,so she wouldnt suss me out,i wonder if she realy knew that it was me,she laughed and replied ,why are you thinkling of going there yourself",she was someone that i had fancied and fantasised about for a while now ,and i think she must have thought about me the way she talked,after dropping her of i decide to wait a few hours, then drive up to the kennels,because i new she would be ot walking the dogs shortly. i parked up in the lane ,and walkeddown to the path that led into the woods ,my cock was starting to stiffen with antisipqation of what i was thinking was going to happen,she then came out with the dogs and set of down the path,i went in front of her,as she walked down the path,when she gotlevel with me i walked out in front of her, oh she said so you decided to come then , with that she took me down to the area,where it had taken place, we hid in the bushes ,and not long after to men walked into the grasses area,they where about 35-40 yrs and fairly goodlooking.both started to get there cocks ot ,and proceed to wank themselves of,she said sometimes there are 2 /3 or 4 men all having each other, these guys then started to suck each other off ,and out of the corner offhis eye one ofthem saw us watching them, he said something to the other guy and started to put on a show for us both ,he then pushed his cock up insided the otherguy and started fucking him with his decent size cock,the guy was moaning alittle through pain or enjoyment ,but was smiling at us both,he beconed us both over,to which we walked over to them both my lady friend seemed to be enjoying it emensly/the guy bieng fucked reached over and undid my zipand started to suck my now very big erected swollen cock.the lady then started to pleasure herself whist watching us ,she slipped two fingers up her now very wet and moist cunt ,and was realy going for it,this turned me on even more,the guy fucking then pulled hid cock out and shot his spunk all over my bare back and arse, the lady bent down and licked all of his cum off me,god i was fucking rock hard by now, the guy stopped sucking me and went around to my back ,then i felt a little nudge of tthis guys cock on my arse ,he then slipped his cock up inside me ,with some ease i might ad,and started to pump away in me, the lady was moaning and groaning at this sight,then the guy bpulled ofme a shot his hot sticky cum all over my back,i then position the lady on the floor so i could enter her now soaking wte pussy , i slid into her with ease and she let out a lttle screem ,oh god your cock is fucking big but you are going to get it right up insideme ,i was pumping away when i felt a cock up against me it was the first guy who was pushing his cock up me ,so i was fucking her whilst he was fucking me,and the other guy was sucking and playing with hers tits and fingering her wet arse , i could feel this guy pumping into me and knew was going to shoot his load up inside me and soon he gave a load groan and said im gons shoot up you and he did just that he seemed to cum for ages and still had his cock up me when i said to the lady i am gonna cum inside you right now she said yes yes spunk up me now cos i am cumming myself right now " then other guy was wanking himself of and she push his cock into her mouth and he shot his load down her throat which she swallowed ,we all collapsed intoa heap on the floor a smiled at each other a fucking good time had by all,spunk was co ing out of my backside and out of her soaking wte cunt at the same time,we then tided up and i walked her back to the kennels,,she then told me thatshe would only let me fuck her and nobody else ,but they can play soft with her and se would sucke and wank them . because she wanted the biggest cock up her and she said this was definatly my cock .i have met her on numerous occasion and we alwats end uo with some one to join us most of the time ,which we both like