Written by Helen & Colin

6 Nov 2003

My girlfriend and I had been out for a few drinks with some friends, I was not drinking because I was driving but Helen was pretty pissed.

We were both taken by that sudden urge for sex so started looking for a place to stop and play. It should be mentioned that I had never heard of "dogging before" and didnt realise that peole stopped and fucked for others to watch and join in.

By now Helen was so randy that she had her skirt up and her knickers off and was frantically frigging herself and stuffing her fingers up her pussy.

We eventually found a spot near to where we live in the South East called Cobtree Manor Park, we drove in and noticed that there were about 3 or 4 other cars parked but we assumed that they were there having a little fun of thier own, anyway we drove to the top of the car park and parked up and procedded to get down to business (as you do)

In no time at all we had our tongues down each others necks and I had Helens huge tits out and was pinchinching her nips which she loves. She was telling me that she wanted to take her skirt right off because she didnt want to get any jiz on it. I was fumbling around trying to help her get her skirt off when the zip got stuck so I turned the interior light on and sorted the problem out.

We then turned the light off and Helen got my cock out and proceeded to give me a lovely blow job, by now she was getting really hot and wet and while she was bobbing her pretty little head up and down I was leaning over and mauling her shaved wet pussy stuffing my fingers alternately in her pussy then in her arsehole.

I noticed a movement by the side of her window and looked round and saw a bloke with his cock out wanking while he watched Helen suck my cock. I was astounded and I have to say a little bit scared but so fucking turned on I am unable to express it with words.

As I looked at him I could just see him wink, I also noticed that his cock was huge, 8'' at least he was motioning to me to wind the window down, not being sure what to do I whispered to Helen that there was a chap watching her whilst he had a wank, I was shocked when she just said "oh my god" and proceeded to suck my cock as if she was aiming for a gold medal.

The looker was still motioning me to wind the window down so I told Helen and she asked me what I thought, being a gentleman I of course said it's up to you hon, she replied "fuck it, in for a penny in for a pound" so I pressed the button and the window came down.

Next thing I knew the looker (who we shall call Bob) had his hands all over Helens arse and proceeded to play with her pussy, I could tell she was loving it becuse she was moaning and shifting herself into a posituion that made playing with her pussy easier.

She looked up for a second and that was when she noticed the size of his cock, she looked at me in disbelief and said that she would love it in her mouth. I was in heaven and just said "fill your boots", she sat up in her seat and put her head towards Bobs cock, in no time at all she was going at it like it would go out of fashion.

It was then that she turned to me and kissed me stinking of booze and said she wanted to feel than cock in her arse, with that she opened the door and knelt on the seat with her lovely bum pointing out she then carried on sucking my cock. I watched as bob got behing her and pushed his cock into her. she groaned as he went deeper and deeper until his large cock was all the way in he then started fucking her so hard that I could hear his balls slapping against her.

After about 2 or 3 minutes Helen was obviousley close to cumming and she shoured at him to fuck her arse. he took his cock out spat on her arsehole and eased it in inch by inch. It took about a minute until he was all the way but he than fucked her arse in the same way that he had fucked her pussy.

Helen could only manage about 4/5 mins before she cried out "I'm cumming" and she groaned and shook, it was than that Bob pace picked up and he pulled his cock out and shot his spunk all over her buttocks.

We have shagged so many times whilst thinking of that night, we have also procticed dogging regularly since. WHAT A NIGHT.