Written by Yorkshire Boy

26 Jan 2004

Last summer I went out for a jog in Thornes park in Wakefield. I started up the hill along the tarmac path and as I got to the top I was knackered so I stopped in the clearing in the middle of all the trees. A guy passed me and was obviously looking for someone and he suddenly went into the bushes and dissappeared. Dogger? I wondered, so I went to see where he had gone Quietly I edged into the bushes and finally I came to a place where I could see four guys standing togeather cocks out wanking, two were wanking each other and the other two were servicing themselves. the guy I had seen was one of these he was about twentish and quite good looking, in fact all of them were quite young. I was now begining to get a bit of a hard on watching but I did not have the courage to go and join in. Then I saw what they were looking at, as hidden by a large tree on my left was two other guys performing for them. they were both completely naked one was stood slightly bent over with the other stood behind him slowly sliding his glistening cock into his arse. The one performing was obviously enjoying putting on the show and he let all see his cock slide in and out and had a smile on him like a cheshire cat. Then I noticed infront of the guy who was being slowly shafted someone else who was giving him a blow job and this was a young redheaded girl. She was sliding her head back and forwards so that his balls slapped on her chin and her hands were wanking his cock and rubbing under his crotch. The guy at the back was now increasing his stroke and began to near his climax, "come on" he began to say, he held the guys buttocks and pounded in and out, finally he withdrew and spurted his load all over the guys back and arse.

One on the guys who had been watching drew closer and then also came all over the guys arse wanking himself furiously to climax and grunting "Yes Yes" as he shot his load. The girl then got up and went and made the guy squat on all fours, then she started to lick his back with her now glistening cunt rubbing on his head. She cleaned up all of the spunk and showed the admirers it on her tounge and in her mouth. As she moved down to lick his arse, and clean that, one of the other watchers and his friend moved closer to the couple on the floor the first quickly stepped over the guys head and entered the girls cunt. She gave a quick start of surprise and then smilled at him and arched her back so he could get in even further. slowly they began to move and the other guy squatted at the front of the guy on all fours and started to recieve a blow job whilst rubbing his friends arsehole as he pumped into the girl. The other watcher then moved in and dropping his shorts stepped closer to the girl who was now really begining to enjoy her shafting, he slid his cock out through his pants and she took it straight into her mouth. She did not really have to do very much as the guy who was shagging her was moving her back and forwards so she slid back and forwards on his large cock. By now I was really hard and I reached down inside my tracksuit bottoms, all I had on underneath was a jockstrap, so my cock came easily into my hand. I slowly edged it out of my tracksuit and began to slowly ease the shaft back and forwards keeping time with the action infront of me. The guy who had first been giving the anal to the guy now returned from watching and stood wanking himself until he was hard again, he then moved back to the guy on all fours and slipped gently without effort back into his arse he reached round infront and began to masturbate the guy in the girls mouth. I suddenly felt a hand reach around and hold my stiff cock, I turned but as I did so a voice said "no!" I could not tell if it was male or female but to be truthfull I did not care. They then pulled my tracksuit down and said "Nice Jock!" it was a girl! She began to wank me slowly then fast then slow again. She held her body close to me and began to lick my neck and ear. I slid an arm back to feel her cunt and found she had on a flimsy skirt which I could easily push to oneside. Then straight onto the cunt, wet warm and with no knickers to get in the way. "Mmmmm" she purred as I began to rub up and down in the slit. "It is not fair Rachel is always doing a show with the guys and she never lets any other girls join in, Bitch!" Rachel was now coming in loud moans and the guy being wanked and sucked could not hold on any longer, he shot his load all over her face and she greadily tried to take as much in her mouth as possible. The guy was now pumping her faster and faster and finally came deep inside her and slowly took out his cock and let her lick it dry. Then the two guys on the ground came up for air and the guy who had been on all fours for most of the time finally got his cock into her. Fully stoodup she wrapped her legs around him and he began to bounce her up and down on his cock, her tits slid up and down his chest until his mate came up behind her. He rubbed the guys cock underneath her arse and then rubbed some shinny cream on her arsehole and slowly slid a finger up her. Then the guy standing slowly lowered her onto his mates now greased cock and he went up her a little at a time. She grimaced at first but as it went in she began to enjoy it. When he was all the way in they began to move slowly gradually getting faster and faster, "I always like this bit" the little voice wispered in my ear and she began to wank me faster and faster I could not help but increase the pace of my fingers on her dripping fanny. I wanted to see her to have her to do what the guys were doing, to fuck her. I span around and found a slim, attractive, brownhaired 20 something year old. She was gorgeous! I picked her up and she held me around the neck and I lowered her onto my cock.I then turned to the action which was near climax both of the guys were now pumping inot her and she was moaning her delight. The guy at the front came first with a few last hard thrusts and in a couple of seconds his mate had also come they stood togeather locked in orgasm and licked and kissed eachother in turn. The watchers were also finishing the two guys brought eachother off onto the floor and the two single guys came up to the girl and after a couple of pulls of each they were also squirting onto the floor. My girl was now biting my neck and ear and she wispered"Come now, inside me" I clutched her arse and rocked her back and forth "Now" she said and I was ready, I came deep inside and we moved slowly untill the last drop was out,"Nice" she said. She bent down and licked it clean "Don't want the wife to see dirty jogging bottoms!!" she said. She gave me a card "Do it again?" and she was gone. On the card it said Rowena and gave a mobile number....should I? Thats Dogging Delight 2!