Written by ian and cathy

5 Apr 2004

after much discussion.me and wife..cathy..made it to locally famous dogging site in west yorkshire..a truly g.o.l.d.e.n.place on a summer night. as we parked up about 11.30pm..other cars were dotted around..but it was a dark night with hardly any moonlight..we.began to kiss and cuddle..a few lights flashed.on..i.pflicked the interior light.on.a few times..then we heard the sound of someone approaching..the gravel crunched underfoot..we checked that doors and windows were locked..we were so nervous but carried on..snogging deeply..and realised 3 men were around the car..as i popped her tits out and squeezed and sucked them..the faces were closer..i pushed her short skirt up to her waist. and felt up her stockings..and slipped fingers into her cunt..glancing up to see faces ..and cocks being wanked next to the windows,.then i got down to give her oral ..as we whispered to each other how turned on we were ..she was laid back in the seat squirming around .and eyes closed as if oblivious to our audience...i. then fully reclined the seat and proceeded to fuck her long and hard.. and our watchers loved it..i looked at them a few times and they gave me the thumbs up..when i finally came and finished presumably. they had too and ambled away..it was fantastic .and we are now hooked and will be going back this summer..we are not cold weather doggers..later last summer we went back for more and one lucky guy got to feel cathy.s tits and had his hand up her skirt feeling her stocking tops..she stopped his hand at her panties.. but this year ..who knows..might go for more involvement..