Written by Dave + Anne

8 Jul 2004

I will openly admit this is a fantasy, but as I know my wife reads these stories maybe soon it will come reality.

We have both been avid readers and followers of this site for about 6 months now, looking to see if we recognise anyone or anyone in our local area is posting.

I know my wife has a love of Black Men and she has been mentioning Dogging and wondering if it is happening at out local car park near the lake.

So here goes, we go down one night and see a few cars in the area but no one to be seen, we decide to sit tight and see if anything happens.

A few minutes pass and another car pulls up with a single man in and he’s black, you can see the smile on her face.

I lean over to her and start kissing her deeply and fondling her underneath her clothing, she rams her tongue down my throat and feels my leg and slides her hand up to my cock which is starting to throb.

Has she pulls down my zipper I flick the interior car lights on and off to see if our friend is interested .Has my wife releases my cock and leans over to suck it , I see a shadow by her side. I let her carry on sucking and wind her electric window down half way , as she bobs up and down on my cock our friend leans in the window and starts feeling my wife’s nipples, she reacts to this by biting and sucking even harder on my throbbing cock. This brings to the edge and I have to lift her off, as she leans back into her seat our friend feeds his weapon in through the window, my wife looks at me with a big smile on her face and turns around and takes the Black Weapon in her mouth and really goes to town bobbing her head up and down like she was sucking a lollipop.

As she continues to suck, I feel in between her legs and she is dripping wet, I slip one then two fingers into her pussy and can fell her orgasm mounting, as she cums on my hand she bites our friends cock and makes him scream.

I suggest to her she would be more comfortable in the back and wastes no time in diving into the back seat, our friend slips in behind her and enters her in one single push, the scream is one of Pain and Pleasure I am sure. As she is been pleasured from behind I slip in front of her and offer her my cock to suck, she does this with a smile on her face and talks my cock right down to my balls. While on the receiving end of her dream, she is really taking liberties with my cock in her mouth biting and chewing it, something she has never been too keen to do before, but who am I to complain.

I gesture to our friend that I am about to cum and he picks up his pace, with that my wife lets out an almighty scream which I take it means she orgasmed and I fire my spunk over her face and tits, she grabs my spent cock and sucks it dry of every last drop.

With that our friend leans back out of the car, pulls up his pants and disappears off into his car, leaving me and the wife to tidy ourselves up.

We get back into the car and drive home, and then she drags me upstairs and we start again, this time just the two of us.