Written by Martin

13 Nov 2005

Last Friday I had to go and collect my wife Gill from an office night out. Gill loves cock all the time but when she's drunk she is really randy. On the drive home we pass a beach car park which is used at nights for lovers and doggers. I asked Gill is we should pull in and have sex in the car. She of course agreed.

On arriving at the car park there was already three cars there with two guys looking into the third one. Gill and I walked across to the car, the two guys were both playing with their cocks watching the couple inside fucking. I stood behind Gill fondling her tits while we watch the couple, then I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground, then undid her bra so I could get a godd feel of her tits. We watched the bloke cum up his wife then he indicated the show was over.

I picked up my wife's dress and we walked back to our car Gill naked except for her knickers and shoes. The two other guys followed us across. Gill took off her knickers and lay on the back seat with one foot on the floor and the other on the back shelf. I nodded to the guy next to me and he got on top of my wife and started fucking her. Meanwhile the couple from the other car had come across and were watching my wife getting fucked. The guy shagging her soon shot his spunk up her willing fanny and the second guy put his cock up her and we watched his arse going up and down as he fucked my wife. Once he had added his spunk to the first guys I asked the husdand if he wanted a go, he looked at his wife but she said if he was going to fuck anyone it would be her so they headed back to their car. I got on top of Gill and pushed my rock hard cock into her spunk filled fanny, there is no better feeling than slipping your cock into your own wife's fanny when it's filled with someone else's spunk Once I added my spunk to the other two guys Gill sat on the edge of the seat playing with their cocks.

I wandered across to the couples car just in time to see him shoot up his wife for the second time. When he got off her I got a great view of her fanny before she started dressing. I went back to our car and Gill had got one of the guys hard again and was sucking his cock. He said he was cumming and Gill kept sucking till he shot his load in her mouth.I watched my wife swallowing his spunk, a great sight. The other guys cock wasn't getting hard again so we decided it was time to go home.

When we got home I shagged Gill from behind while slapping her arse and calling her a dirty tart for letting other guys fuck her.

Gill has her office Xmas night in four weeks and we both hope for a repeat performance.