Written by peter - mature dogger

17 Mar 2004

i had divorced sue some 3 yrs ago , and didnt want another serious relationship ,i began to view and send ads to dogging sites , just like swingers heaven , i saw one ad placed by a local couple who where seeking a dogger to view their fun ,

we exchanged e-mails and ideas about the fun and we desided to meet at the humber bridge viewing area , just for a chat and a view of each other , i arrived with plenty of time to spare, then the couple turned up as we had arranged ,

i approached their car and sat in the front passenger seat with trevor , and lisa sat in the back , lisa was about 30yrs old , shoulder length brown hair , wearing a very sexy short skirt and i could see her stocking tops as i looked and said hi ,

trevor came out with what do you think of lisa , is she sexy or what , fucking hell mate shes a cracker , looking back at lisa i saw that she had opened her legs and i had a clear view of her shaved smooth pussy , then trevor asked if we should move on to somewhere more private ,

we drove to a small country lane and trevor joined lisa in the back and they both started kissing and messing aeound with each other , lisa took trevors cock from his trousers and lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth , making a sexy humming sound as she sucked him off ,

trevor reached down behind lisa and pulled up her skirt and i could hear her pussy squelching as she was being fingered , myself i had taken my cock ouy and was wanking my cock as i watched the dirty fuckers in the back of the car , trevor pulled up lisas top to reveal a lovely pair of ripe tits which allready had love bite marks all over them , then he began kneading them and sucking on her hipples , i was still waking and trying to reach over to touch lisas tits but i couldnt reach ,

tevor told lisa he wanted to fuck her whilst i played with her tits , he got outr of the car and approached lisas from behind , i went around top lisas side of the car and began to kneed her breasts , lisa took my cock in her hand and began to wank my cock , trevor slipped his cockinto lisa doggy style and caused her to gasp , her grip on my cock went tighter , he was fucking her steady and i could see her head bobbing as his cock was burying itself into lisas sopping wet cunt ,

whilst i carried on playing and pulling on lisas tits and nipples she pulled my cock to her mouth and was sucking on my cock end and rolling her tongue around it , all the time she was moaning and groaning from the sexual pleasures she was getting form trevor , making her want to suck on my cock whilst she carried on wanking my shaft ,

i was in doggers heaven , having my cock sucked whilst watching and feeling lisa getting a good fucking from her partner trevor ,trevor began to thrust his hard cock deeper and faster into lisas cunt , slapping her arse and outter thighs as he fucked faster and faster , calling her all kinds of dirty names like a slut and a whore etc ,

i was on the verge of cumming , lisa was wanking my cock really fast , i couldnt wait another second , i gave out a big loud groan and shot my spunk in the air , it landed on lisas face , hair and shot over her head , trevow wasreally banging lisas cunt and then he gripped hold of her thighs and ground his full hard cock deep into lisa and held it there , he emptied his ball deep inside of lisas cunt and was gasping for his breath ,

by this time i was trying to bring my own cock back to life by wanking it close to lisas face , whilst i was wanking it lisa had licked the remains of my spunk from my cock , trevor withdrew his cock and began to rub it all over her arse , smearing his spunk all over, he then began to finger lisas dripping cunt and offered his fingers to lisas open waiting mouth ,

the dirty little slut licked trevors spunk from his fingers until they where clean , making sure that trevor and i heared the smacking of her lips as she licked trevors fingers clean, we all enjoyed our fun together and we are to meet again , this time im to be invited to their home and im to take a few pics of the fun , using trevors digi camera , i just hope i get the chance to fuck lisa next time , --------------- do you need a clean and discreet dogger in the hull area , daytimes or evenings