Written by Rob and Yo

2 May 2004

This happened the other nite after an office night out, after I had run some office friends home,the only one left in my car was Rob, he said do you fancy a quick run down to a local park near Hamilton Race Course. Off I went not knowing what was going to happen when we got there, we headed for a small car park, parked the car which is a 4x4 next to some open bushes. Rob then said this is where the fun starts, I put the window down slightly and asked Rob what was next to come,he suggested we start with some snogging, so not one to refuse a bit of fun we started to kiss and fumble about, I heard some noises coming from the bushes and Rob not to worry it would be blokes looking in at the car to se what we were doing, well I was a little shocked at first but eventually I calmed down a little, and began to enjoy my heavy petting, Rob started to undo my buttons on my blouse, which in turn exposed my ample 36c breasts to all that were looking, I responded and undid Robs shirt, we slid the window down further so that everybody that was looking could get a better view to what we were doing, Rob then slid my blouse off completelyleaving me totally exposed from my neck to my navel, by this time I was getting very excited by the thought of these people looking at me and playing with them selves, Rob said we should go a little further and remove more clothing, we did this, and by now i was really wet between my legs, Rob was rubbing away at my fanny with great vigour, by this time he had slid my g-string off and now I was completely naked and feeling as randy as fuck. Rob now suggested that we go outside and fuck over the Bull bar of my 4x4, I was a little reluctant at first but I agreed to do this, luckily it was warm that night and I ventured outside the car, Robe pressed me against the Bull Bar and fucked me stupid, I could by now see some faces looking at me and also some hands were exploring my tits and bum hole, this got me even more excited and I started to groan and wriggle about, Rob exploded inside me with his Cum and so did a few others that were wanking over me.

We talked to some of the guys for a while, then parted company, I will be going back again for some more thrilling and sexy nights with Rob.