Written by Geoff

4 Aug 2006

It's sometimes asked on this site whether dogging really exists. Having previously had my doubts, I can confirm after last night that it does. I replied to a couple advertising that they were planning to put on a show, and was surprised to receive a quick response, and even more so that they were happy for me to bring a (straight male) friend and that we were given choices as to what 'the slut' would wear. We arranged to meet at a dogging site but the evening did not look promising when we arrived to find it crawling with police and boy racers. The couple nevertheless managed to find us parked nearby and followed us on a frustrating journey to two other locations which proved unsuitable until eventually taking us to one that was sufficiently private. They clearly couldn't wait any longer because by the time my friend and I had got out of the car hubby's cock was already in his delightful partner's mouth. We positioned ourselves at opposite windows of their car, my friend having a good view of her exquisite oral technique while I stood on the other side, where she considerately lifted her skirt to reveal her beautiful arse and the stockings and suspenders that we had 'ordered'. Her magnificent tits, complete with piercing, were soon also on display, as was her shaved pussy, into which she inserted a vibrator, her legs splayed with one of her boots resting on the dashboard. Hubby took over making her come with the vibrator and pulling on her luscious nipples, and she moaned and asked us to come for her. It took great control not to do this just yet (I can't say the same for my friend) as I wanted to keep my cock hard for the rest of the show, the continuation of the blow job on hubby with a very skillful mixture of sucking, licking, and spitting until he (and I) couldn't hold off any longer. The culmination of the performance was letting hubby's spunk drop from her mouth onto those superb tits.

So, yes, dogging is alive and well. Some patience may be required but it's well worth it if, as last night, it provides the best wank of your life with a show by two very dirty (but, in another sense, very decent) people. Thank you if you're reading this: writing it, and remembering last night, might just make me have to go and wank again!