Written by Joe

23 Nov 2003

Well another saturday night,and sue and i tried something different we agreed to go dogging down to the water park but decided to go in seperate cars.We agreed that sue would drive herself to the park and see what was on i would follow a little behind her and park away from her.Sue parked up in the corner of the park and there was 2 cars there already.I pulled in and parked away so i could watch from a distance.I could see the light go on in sues car and some movement,then 2 guys appeared and walked slowly to her car,sue said later that she was wanking her clit when she noticed the movement outside the car,she said she undid her shirt and hitched her tits out of her bra and pulled her skirt right up to show her thong pulled to one side and her rubbibg her clit giving a full show to the guys outside,she said was really wet at this! I watched as she unwound the window as the first guy moved in with his cock out Sue started to suck him through the window as the other guy started to play with her tits,after about 5mins of this she unlocked her door and got out so she could suck both cocks at once while sat on the front seat,I was really hard as i watched from a distance as she was sucking cock,then she opened her back door and laid on the seat with her legs in the air inviting the first guy in to full fuck her bareback,at this move i got out of my car to play the third guy! the other 2 not knowing that she was my girlfriend,as i walked to the car one guy said "we have a right slut here mate do you want a go" i said yes but you have her first! the first guy was humping her hard and i could hear Sue talking and saying things like go on fuck me hard fuck me let me have your spunk! it was not long before he shot his load with a groan and then he pulled out Sue lay their looking kinky and really sluttish the guy who had spoken to me had his cock in his hand and went in the car and i could see his ass going up and down on Sue as he began to fuck her hard he was calling her names like "dirty whore and spunk slut Slag and telling her she was going to have another load of spunk shot up her cunt" as he was fucking her another car pulled in to the park and there was two guys in it they soon got out when they could see the action going on and joined us,saying can we have a go! well I heard Sue say fucking right i need loads of cock as my boyfriend doesnt fuck me and if he knew i was dogging he would kill me ! the second guy shot his load and pulled out i could see spunk dribbling out of Sues cunt i looked at the two lads who had just arrived and said go on lads fuck her hard one lad had his cock out and went straight in fucking her on the two loads of spunk already up her,the other lad opened the other door and put his cock in her mouth and she sucked him off until he shot his load down her throat,the lad fucking her then gave a grunt a shot his spunk into her well fucked cunt and pulled out,the lads who had just arrived then went back to there car and drove off,the other two guys stood and watched as i went down on Sues pussy and began to suck her clit and lick the spunk from around her pussy she tasted well spunky and sweaty as i lapped at her cunny, i then took my cock out and said im going to fuck this whore and i slipped my cock into her and began to slide in and out with ease on her spunk filled fuck hole. the sensation of feeling that spunk around my cock and the warmth of her hole felt wonderful as i fucked her i could feel my spunk rising and with a shudder shot my spunk up her already well fucked hole and then i pulled out to watch as Sue used her cunt muscles to push the spunk out of her,i zipped up and said to the other two guys that i was off and thanked them for letting me join them,both of them not knowing that Sue was my girlfriend i drove off leaving Sue there when i got home it was another hour and a half before Sue came home and she said that the two guys had both had her again and that while she was fucking them another two cars pulled up and two more guys fucked her of which one fucked her up the ass filling it with spunk.They then let her go.Sue stripped of in the bedroom while i watched and as she lay back on the bed i could smell the used spunk/fuck smell you get when your woman has been dogged she opened up wide and i could see her swollen piss flaps and her ass with spunk running out along with her wet spunky cunt! Sue said how do you want me? i said sit on my face so i can lick you clean and while i do it tell me about the cock you have had tonight,she said it was a turn on to be fucked by those guys while i watched and to think that they did not know she was with me, I then had a great fuck up her on there spunk before shooting my load, we showered and then sleep took over as we lay together.Sue said she wants to go whoring next week so it will be Swindon or Bristol for Sue to sell her wares! This is a true story as Sue loves strangers fucking her and just loves to be fucked bareback this happened last night and she is already gagging for more!!!!!!