Written by sillytrucker

9 Oct 2006

I have known Mary for a couple of months now and we are still finding out new things about each other. The other night in bed after a good fuck I asked her if she had any fantasies that we could do after a moment or to she told me she had always wanted to make love out doors.

Well the next time I met her was when she came over to stay for the weekend when she arrived strait from work I told her to have a quick shower and get changed as we were going out for a meal.

We were a bit early for the table so we had a couple of drinks beforehand and then a bottle of wine with the meal as I was driving I only had ½ a glass so Mary was a bit tipsy when we were about to leave.

I asked her wot she would like to do next thinking of the movies or a club she said she would go anywhere as long as she was with me. So I thought wot the hall give it a go and told her to go to the toilet and remove her bra and pants. She smiled kissed me then went off to the loo. When she returned we left the restaurant as as soon as we got in the car we started kissing I could feel that she had removed her bra and a quick feel under her skirt confirmed that the panties had also gone.

As the car park had CCTV I thought it better to leave before going to far.

We drove to a secluded car park and picnic area I knew the car park was empty we started again I soon had her top off and was fingering her pussy. Must admit it was cramped in the car and did not think we could make love in it so I suggested a walk in the woods.

We walked down the path and stopped at a picnic bench at the far end away from the car park sat on the bench and started again.

Soon she was naked and very wet she was laid down on the bench and I started to lick her pussy then we heard a noise there was someone watching us I went to stand up and confront them but she pushed my head back down between her legs as I was licking her and using a couple of fingers inside her she was playing with her tits soon she was coming she was making a lot of noise then she pushed my head away and just lay there for a couple of minutes then she reached out and unfastened my trousers pulled them down and took my dick in her mouth and started to give me one of the best blow jobs I had ever had. Soon I was near to coming and asked her to stop, as I wanted to come inside her. There were still noises coming from the bushes that were about 20 feet away it was a full moon so still quite light. As I was kissing her I told her that I thought there was someone watching us she told me she knew this and as long as they did not interfere she was ok with it. Wot she did then surprised me she turned around on the table so as her pussy was pointing at the bushes laid back and started playing with her self. She was moaning loudly then this man about 45 stepped out from the bushes and started to move towards her she griped my arm to stop me moving. When he was about 10 feet away she told him to stop and he did then she moved round on the table and laid with her legs over the end and told me to fuck her she was watching the mad standing there as I was told I moved between her legs and started to fuck her she was playing with her tits and watching the man who had now dropped his trousers and was wanking himself off. She was dripping wet and moaning loudly telling the bloke to make himself come as she got closer to coming she got louder really shouting as she came the bloke also came spunk flying out this sent me over the top and I came inside her as I held and kissed her the bloke moved off back into the bushes we tidied ourselves up and went back to the car. Now I cant wait till next time.