Written by Shaun

4 May 2005

My wife Clare and I have been into swinging for a while now. It all started when I told her that my fantasy was to see her sucking off and then being fucked by a really big cock. It wasn't long before my fantasy became a reality.

Out of this came the confession that she wanted to see ME being fucked by a similarly huge cock. I had never considered myself to be gay or bi, so the idea of this at first did not really appeal to me. However, during our subsequent sex sessions, Clare began to pay lots of attention to my arse, first slipping in a finger or two just as I was reaching the point of orgasm. This felt great and made me cum more than I had ever done before.

One night she introduced a slim butt plug to our sex session, slipping it into my tight hole and massaging my prostate. I loved it, and held it there in my arse while I pumped what seemed like gallons of spunk all over her face and tits.

Eventually arse play became a regular part of our lovemaking, and Clare would get me turned on by pushing three or four fingers right into my lubed hole. One day I paid a visit to our local sex shop and came home with a big strap on cock for Clare. It consists of a black leather padded harness which holds a big purple jelly dildo, about nine inches long.

Clare was delighted and couldn't wait to try it out. There and then she stripped right down to her black stilletto heels and strapped on the monster cock. I was soon flat on my back with my knees up by my ears, feeling Clare's tongue probing deep into my aching hole. Clare brought up the head of the dildo and gently pushed it into my tight bumhole. The head went in with little resistance. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but as I got used to it I found byself relaxing and actually pushing against the dildo.

Before long I had the whole nine inches thrusting deep inside my rectum, and Clare was slapping her hips up against me. We both came together and afterwards the harness was soaking wet with Clare's cunt juice. She said that her only regret was that there was not loads of spunk deep in my hole which she could suck out.

Our dogging sessions continued, usually culminating with one or two guys cumming over Clare's gorgeous tits or arse, with me watching and wanking. One evening we parked up as usual and Clare produced the strap on. "Tonight it's your turn" she said, quickly strapping on the big dildo and filling my hole full of lube. I got into the back seat and prepared for her to fuck me, which she did hard and deep. Eventually I became aware of a crowd of four or five blokes standing nearby and wanking while they watched my wife, this time in black hold ups and red stillettoes, stretching my hole with the huge strap on.

She invited the closest guy to come and take over from her. I agreed as long as he didn't cum inside me. He didn't need asking twice, and straight away had his tongue deep inside my dilated arsehole. Clare took a condom from the packet in the front of the car and slipped it onto the guy's cock. Soon he was inside me, pounding away, fucking my hole for all he was worth while my beautiful wife stood by sucking the next cock and having her cunt and bumhole fingered by a group of strangers.

Three of the blokes took turns to fuck my arse, and came into the condoms. I was loving it. Then it came to the turn of the last man. I was desperate to cum now, but as Clare took the last condom out of the packet, she realised that it would never fit over his throbbing cock. His dick was enormous, at least twelve inches long, and really thick with a huge head.

By this stage I was past caring and wanted this cock inside me more than anything. As my arse was quite loose and relaxed from so much fucking, the monster cock slid in without too much trouble. Taking the whole length of that beast was fantastic. He was fucking me like an animal and I was bucking back and forth on the end of his huge rod. Eventually I felt him tense up, and seconds later I knew that his spasming cock was unloading lots of thick cum deep inside my bowels.

He pulled out and they all stood around watching Clare licking up the cum as it oozed endlessly from my gaping anus. One of the men came over to my wife and pissed on her, washing the cum from her face and tits.

I am now desperate to get another big cock in my hole while my wife watches, and next time she has promised to take the camcorder!