Written by Martin and Gill

27 Jan 2005

I have posted a few stories on here about my wife Gill having sex with other guys and how at new year she said she would like to shag 30 blokes this year. So far she has been shagged by Dave(her regular boyfriend), Steve, Mark and me. Last night she went out for a few drinks after work and got home about 9.15 half drunk. Like a lot of women she becomes very horny when drunk and while having another glass of wine she said "lets go to the car park for some fun". I knew she meant dogging but warned her that there would be no one out on a cold January night. We went anyway and when we drove in there was two cars parked but I couldn't see anyone in them but as we parked I noticed two guys at the entrance to the path that goes into the bushes.

I put the interior light on and the guys made their way to our car. In the few seconds it took them Gill had her top and bra off and had opened her window. One of the guys leant in and felt her tits then gave the other guy a shot. I lifted Gill's skirt round her waist and took her panties off. The guy feeling her tits put his hand over her pubic hair then slipped a finger into her already wet cunt. I put her seat down and the other guy was able to open the back door and suck on her nipples. Gill was loving it and then the bloke in the front pulled down his jeans and boxers opened her legs and guided his hard cock into her eager fanny. He continued fucking my wife as I sat there enjoying the show when suddenly he speeded up and shot his spunk up her cunt. He got out the car and the other bloke took his place. I was now slowly wanking my rock hard cock watching my wife getting her second cock of the evening. The guy fucking her soon added his spunk to her already full fanny, withdrew and got out the car.

Gill said she need to piss so got out the car and squated if front of the two guys and started peeing. One of the guys said he needed as well and stated pissing aiming his stream so that it was crossing hers, he then slowly moved it till he was pissing on her pubes and over her cunt. This was too much for me and I came in the car making a bit of a mess!

Gill got back into the car everyone said bye, see you again and were off. When we got home we went straight to bed and I fucked her soaking wet cunt, it was great.

So thats Gill had six cocks this year and it's still only January, methinks she will make the target of 30 easily and hopefully I will see most of them.