Written by Andy

30 Jan 2006

Living in a university town as we do, my wife Jane 44, and I started some years ago to take in student lodgers to provide a bit of extra income. We have been lucky enough to own a 4 bed roomed house so we were able to take 3 students at any one time. It seemed that the uni, always sent us young females as they probably thought it safer to have young women in a home environment being away from home for the first term. That is till last summer when they contacted us and asked if we could accommodate 3 mature students from the Sudan. We enquired about them and were told that they were between 27 and 35 years old and would only be with us for 6 weeks of the summer school, so we agreed.

The 3 men arrived and were very friendly and settled in straight away. The oldest we called Ben, as his name was Ben something or other 35, Abu 32 and strangely enough, Matthew 27. We settled with them in and spent the night with them showing us photos of their families back home and so we showed them some of ours, holdiday snaps and the like. They all paused longer looking at the ones of Jane in her bikini and made little remarks in Sudanese that we weren’t able to understand, but they were only short ones, not long enough to cause offense, as if they didn’t know the English for what they wanted to say.

As the first week went on, I noticed them being very attentive to Jane and caught them taking sneaky peeks down her top or up her skirt when an opportunity arose. This didn’t bother me, it’s nice to think that other men find you wife attractive too.

I used to fantasize in bed about situations where Jane would have sex with one of them. Jane for her part, like most women would flirt a little with them, but nothing outrageous.

Then one day, I came home from work early with a cold and went to bed for a couple of hours, the house was empty as Jane was out till five as usual. Then a little later I awoke to go to the loo when I heard noises coming from Abu’s room, heavy breathing and grunting. Looking through the crack in the door, I saw all 3 students holding a picture of Jane each and wanking themselves silly. I watched for a minute or two till they came then tiptoed back to our bed room. What had amazed me was the size of Ben’s cock, it was like a bloody great length of black hose pipe. The other two weren’t small either, but nothing like Ben’s, it seemed inches longer than theirs.

I lay in bed, with my mind working overtime, thinking about what I’d seen, and imagining them fucking Jane for real. I became so horny, thinking this that I too had to wank, imagining Ben’s black hose impaling Jane’s pussy.

That night, as we made love, I told Jane what I’d seen. At first she seemed stunned, then asked me to describe the scene over again, and to describe in detail, their cocks, which had a remarkable effect on her. She demanded that I fuck her again, but to describe their cocks again as we fucked. I then took it a step farther, and asked if she would like to have their cocks in her. No sooner had I suggested this and she started to grind her self on my cock and then let out a long low grown and had the biggest orgasm I’d ever known. Still holding onto my buttocks, and pulling me into her, she breathlessly asked if I wanted her to have them. I asked her if she wanted them and she sighed that she would love to try, if only once in her life. I agreed and told her that on the next weekend, we would have a little party, just the five of us and she could flirt with them to the ultimate finish.

I told Ben about our having a bit of a party for them and not to make any plans and he thanked me and arranged to tell the others not to make plans. I asked if alcohol was ok as they were Muslims and he told me, at home they wouldn’t, but when they were away, they enjoyed a drink.

Saturday came an Jane got dressed up in black hold ups she’d bought specially and a shorter skirt than usual and a low cut top with a bra that gave her a nice cleavage. As the party got going, Jane danced by herself as I don’t and the others seemed unsure of what to do. Her dancing was to say the least very provocative, gyrating her hips and groin, practically simulating sex, she even surprised me. Ben Abu and Matthew, sat watching her and each time I glanced in their direction, one or more of them were adjusting uncomfortably restrained cocks..

Jane now pulled up Matthew and danced with him, holding him close and he soon got into the swing of things, holding her bottom as the other two looked from them to me checking my reaction.

The disc stopped and Jane sat down between Ben and Abu. Her skirt rode up to show the tops of her hold ups and as we all talked, her left hand moved to Abu’s leg and in a feigned playful manner, kept moving it about, getting nearer and nearer his crotch then moving away. Ben was turned slightly sideways to Jane with his arm on the back of the sofa and every so often would let it slip to Jane’s shoulder. Matthew was sitting near to me and could see straight up Jane’s skirt and we all could see he had a tremendous hard on.

Jane now let her right hand rest on Ben’s leg and she kept rubbing it as she laughed and chatted. Ben then said something in Sudanese to the others, then looking at me, he said “you have a very beautiful wife, do you not mind her sitting here with us like this?”

I simply smiled and made a gesture to him as if offering him something. Immediately, his hand moved to Jane’s leg which by now was showing a little flesh above her stocking top. Seeing this, Abu placed his hand onto her other leg and pulled it open from the other leg, as Ben moved his hand further up her skirt until he made contact with her pussy. Jane had gone quiet when Ben first put his hand on her leg, now she gasped as he touched her pussy, no one but me had done this till now. Ben again in Sudanese spoke to Matthew who had sat watching wide eye till now, then he got up and came over to Ben and Abu, and unzipped their flies and released their cocks, then taking Jane’s hands, placed them around the black poles. It was then that I saw the full enormity of Ben’s cock. I have only seen anything as big in porn movies, it was maybe 10 and a half inches , maybe more. It wasn’t quite hard so the weight of it made flop a little, Abu on the other hand, who was inches smaller, was a stiff as a board.

Jane simply held onto both of the cocks, so that Matthew had to move her hands up and down. When she continued on her own, Matthew went behind her and pulled up her top and bra, so that he could play with her tits.

Ben now had his finger inside of Jane and once again she stopped wanking them as pleasure overtook her.

Abu stood up and looking at me for reassurance, and finding it, undressed, then pulling Ben’s hand from Janes skirt, pushed up around her hips and pulled her pants off, then pulling her to the edge of the sofa, entered the tip of his cock into her pussy, then with a long slow thrust, entered her fully making her gasp out loud. Kneeling between her legs, Abu fucked her for only a few minutes before shooting his spunk into her. Meanwhile, Matthew had been playing with her tits and kissing her, whilst Ben had stripped. It was then that I noticed again, how big this cock was, even under the sexual excitement before him that had made his cock engorged, the sheer weight of it made it look as if it was hanging limp instead of sticking straight up and down.

Abu pulled out of her and Ben motioned to Matthew that he should go next, which he did while Ben knelt on the sofa and tried to get Jane to suck his cock. She seemed too far engrossed in being fucked that she didn’t take it at first and due to the awkward angle of their bodies, Ben had to make do with stroking his cock across her face and lips.

Matthew came quickly also and now it was the turn of Ben. I had longed to see this moment sice first finding them wanking over Jane’s picture. I got up and stood over by them, as Ben got between Jane’s thighs, then lifting his cock, with on of his hands, he pushed the end into her. Jane gasped then tried to buck her hips to try to get more of his cock into her. Slowly Ben pushed into her and eventually, he had the full length in her, the sight of this magnificent black cock disappearing up my wife is one I will never forget. The way he fed it into her with both hands I’ve never seen anything more erotic than his black hose sliding in and out of her.

As soon as he was up her fully, Jane had an almighty orgasm, which seemed to last as long as Ben fucked her. Soon he too was sending his spunk to join that of his friends. Jane was now carried up to our bedroom, where she enjoyed the rest of the night being pleasured by these wonderful cocks.

That was the first week and our students were with us another 5 after that, and they now used Jane whenever they wanted for the remainder of their stay. I’d come in from work and hear the noises of sex coming from upstairs only to find either one two or three of them enjoying Jane’s body. Ben did get his cock sucked many times during that 5 weeks and that was a rare sight too.

Jane now tells me she only wants male student to stay with us from now on if I don’t mind, why would I ?