Written by miss innocent

12 Oct 2004

Hi, I have to tell about my life, I suppose if anyone really knew the real me, they would be really surprised. Firstly, I am an only child, my mum was only 17, when she fell for me. my dad was 24, his dad owned an engineering company. We were not like other young families we were secure, I was at a good school, and have traveled worldwide. I took a normal healthy interset in sex, like other teenagers, but it was when my parents bought our hot-tub, that things changed, It was on the my dads 40th bithday, when I should have been sleeping at the front of the house, that I saw quite the horniest going ons. my mum was openly wanking mu uncle, then my dad stood up, my what a massive hard-on he had he walked over to my mums sister and stuck his cock near her face, she just adjusted her hair and started to suck him. I am sorry to say I frigged my self silly, there were another couple in the pool, i did not know them well but he was ancient, I could not fancy him, then he was near my mum and he was wanking a really long cock. I came and came that septemert night.After that night I spent every available moment frigging myself, reading my parents forum magazines, watching thier video, smelling my mum vibrator, sorry I was hungry. Then it was my seventeenth birthday and my parents bought me a car, not a new one, a very tidy like new mini. It was delivered ready for the morning, I was very happy with it, it was the start of a fantastic day, I had a great day, got sozzled on champers, had a lovely meal, jewellery, perfume clothes,I could have not wanted more. Sadly the people who dad bought the car from forgot to include the front ogf the cd player, it was arranged that I go around and collect on the way into town.


It was a nice country house, old not like ours, I knocked the door and set the dog off. I backed off and a silver haired old man came down the path. It was the very same man who shared our hot tub less than a year ago. He invited me in, and I was shaking, he asked me if I was ok, I said I was worried about the dog. He said the dog was a softy and I agreed to pet him, the dog was lovely, but embarrasingly he started to to sniff between my skirted legs, I tried not to embarrass myself and just moved him around, he told pepi to stop, I said stupidly that its alright. So D said so you like having your panties sniffed that ussually a mans delight, I laughed, he pulled the dog out and shut the door. I was frightened as hell. Tell me he said do you have a boyfriend, I started to blush, copme one dont play girly games, with a body like that they must be in a queue. I said I was in a girls school, and rarely met boys"but you want to right"

umm yes I stuttered.

I am going to play with your .......? answer he snapped

I said pussy. no my little slut your mind, with that he was up unzipping himself, and just like my mum and my sister I sucked him, I was dripping he had my skirt up he was calling me a dirty little teenage slut. said he saw me peeping from my parents window, said he practically gave the car away. said he engineered thc cd front, he was going to use me, just like he has used my mum and dad, yes did i know my daddy was a cocksucker, I CAME and Came, he had my panties down roughly finger fucking me, spitting on his fat hand and working his fingers on me. when at last he came it was in my mouth, then he bent me over slapped my ass mercilessly and then told me to go. Off course there have been other occasions, ill keep youy posted