Written by Katie's friend

10 Mar 2005

Here’s a little event I’d thought I’d share with your following a meeting with a woman from this site.

We swapped the normal info and a few emails and after a couple of phone chats we arranged to meet at a local bar near her place. No pressure on the outcome. We decided that we had got each other horny on the phone and if the same chemistry happened in person then we’d take it from there.

I went along with the idea that nothing lost if nothing comes of it. After quite a few drinks and some good quality adult conversation (swapping our previous sexual experiences) we decided to try and create our perfect experience over rest of the night.

We talked about what turned each other on, what Katie could do for me and what I would do to her given half the chance. Well before closing time, we had to leave as too many people were over hearing our conversation and I was starting to ache in the pit of my balls. Katie told me as we left the bar, loud enough for others to just hear that she had gently been playing with herself through her jeans and that she was “gooey” as she described it!

As we had talked about of desires and lusts we got back to hers and we undressed at a slow pace with lots of touching and kissing. Fantastic as I’ve always been a wham bam man in the past and as Katie wanted to be seduced slowly well I had to follow her instructions.

One of Katie’s desires was to be undressed and then led to her bed and blindfolded for me to play prod and poke bringing her as close to boiling point. Then to be tied up to the four corners and kissed all over. Who was I to refuse? All the while she kept talking to me telling her how and where and for how long she wanted it. However she finally came without the ability to stop herself after I had probed her ass her with long wet and teasing licks of her ring. She bucked so heavily I thought shed broke my nose.

She didn’t want me to fill her just yet as she had some surprises in store for me. Again she asked me if I had any inhibitions but by this stage I was just wanting to get on with it. She wanted to be treated as a complete stranger who had just picked me up (didn’t need to pretend there)!! She blindfolded me and asked me to kneel on all fours and not move!! Yeah right. First she kissed my back arms legs and then got underneath me and played and sucked my nipples and chest. Moving slowly down to my stomach and finally just lay underneath my cock so that my glistening head just dripped juices onto her. She started to tell me off for moving and then tied me to the bed with sufficient leeway for me to keep kneeling.

She then rimmed my hole and I must admit that it was the first time I had experienced this. WOW what a sensation. She sucked, blew and tickled my hole for at least and age (well probably just 5 mins) but boy was I keen for sex now. Off she popped to the kitchen and came back with some ice and as I found afterwards a tin of peaches!! However being blindfolded I hadn’t a clue what she was doing or what she was about to do? She played with the ice around my groin and inner thighs and that soon cooled down my loins and then she began to pour the syrup from the peaches all over my back and by this time down my gapping hole. Again she used her tongue to make sure it was well worked in to every nook and cranny. Then she popped a finger into my arse and worked around and all the while just talked tome telling me to relax. I soon found out that I was enjoying this immensely (however I have never fantasised about me receiving the anal sex)!! Then it happened in popped the peaches followed by another and soon she was pulling then out with her tongue and teeth. I couldn’t help it I just popped and she was under me draining my pulsating cock of every last drop of cum. But she hadn’t stopped playing with my hole. It just drove me wild.

I was still blindfolded however I felt so much confidence in her that it didn’t matter being bound and blind. Then Katie whispered in my ear that she wanted to ride me like a man and feel the power and control that she always felt men had whilst shagging. She told me she wanted to enter me however I had no idea of how she was going to do it. Again the syrup from the peaches drowned my hole and then I felt something round, cold and hard starting to press into my anus. Naturally I tightened however she just kept reassuring me and eventually I felt it piece the barrier my muscles had created. With all Katie’s, tongue and finger work and the syrup she began to pump me with a slow but sure rhythm. She progressed onto long strokes and I felt her thighs banging against my buttocks and legs. I couldn’t work out what it was however I assumed she was holding a dildo against her clit. She started to get faster and faster and I just couldn’t believe that a woman was shagging me! And the best thing is it felt fantastic (but a bit sore I must admit).

As she got more and more excited she started to moan and thrust. She leant forward pulled off the blindfold and I could see beneath my legs her thrusts. She told me to look to the side and there I could see in the mirror that she was shagging me. Boy did that turn me on. She was wearing a strap on and said that now she was going to make us both cum with great force. Trust me I didn’t think I could get any more please but then she flipped the switch on her strap on and low and behold it had a vibrator fitted which purred away into her fanny. This was more than I could take and with the vibration and the thrust of the strap on dick I just spurted everywhere. Katie wasn’t far behind me and she just ended up in a heap.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I’d been buggered and was absolutely turned on by it. Now I had to have a go and filling her hole. She untied me whilst straddling my face and I just lapped up as much of her cum as I could. Then she turned me over and started to roll her tongue around the side of my cock. I was soon at attention again and tried to get on top of her but she just stopped m and asked that I try the taste of peaches a la hole as she called it. No problem there though I started to cheat as I worked out that if I ate all the peaches then I could get inside her.

Katie then grabbed my pulsating cock and tried to get a condom on it. This started to drive me wilder as you know how hard it is to get one on when you are as slippery as hell. Finally I got to ride her and for some unknown reason I just kept on going. Normally I would have given up the ghost by now with my girlfriend but Katie’s constant talking (soft and dirty but not rough) just seemed to keep me turned on.

I don’t know whether I was just performing well or whether she had fulfilled one of her dreams but she just seemed to be having multiple orgasms and also as she came she didn’t seem to have to stop (something my girlfriend always has to do). The she asked that I put on the strap on and take her with that on. Well after what I had done that night nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I duly obliged strapped it on with my cock all crunched up and started to probe her arse with it. The she asked me to try and slip my cock in her arse and the strap on into her fanny. In the end we managed it and that was amazing a throbbing dildo strapped across my legs and me driving into her arse as well as her fanny. Well as you can imagine it didn’t talk me long to shoot my load.

When we finally lay back absolutely exhausted she just rolled the condom off my limp cock and turned it inside out so that she could force it into her ass and started to play with her hole. She did a little show with a few of her toys and managed to bring me off again with a mind-blowing blowjob.

I asked her where she had learnt all this and she said it was the first time she had tried it like this. She said she wanted to feel like a man but wanted all the female touches with it. I can tell you that it was superb. I haven’t tried it since and we’ve met a couple more times and had some great sex. But I think that was and probably will be the best sexual experience of my life (unless I can find two women who want to abuse me and each other) for an evening.

Hope this has you, as wet as I am now just reliving this in my head. And should you ever meet a women who wants to try this then don’t let your inhibitions hold you back get in there and try it.

If you want to meet me then take a look at my add 132705 and tell me how you’d match that. And no bull shitting please or drop me a mail on mfnk91@dial.pipex.com. Sorry chaps only interested in the ladies or a couple if he wants to watch (I'm straight) except for women!!!