Written by Southwestguy

14 Nov 2006

I had always enjoyed playing around with guys when away from home and arrange to meet a couple of guys while away on a recent business trip. By mistake I arrange to meet them on the same night and it was to late to contact them when I relsed my mistake.

The good news - I was licked sucked fucked and stretched over and over. The first guy to arrive Dave was fucking huge, build like a great big hairy grizzly bear with a cock to match. Told him Jay was coming and he wanted to stay. Jay arrived soon after, they both stayed the night.

Jay had the biggest cock I had ever seen and balls that would not have looked out of place on a bull.

I have never been rimmed so hard and so deep both taking turns to work open my hole. Fucking huge tounges fighting to get deep into my ass. One licking one fingering, one holding my hole open while the other feasted, they were amazing together. Not worried about each other just about using me

Dave fucked my hole first. I was layed on my back my head over the edge of the bed.My legs were lifted and Jay held them in place as he forced his cock into my mouth and fucked my face. Dave slammed his fat dick home in one go. The feeling was amazing I wanted to scream but could hardly breath and was gaging on Jays Cock. I was being fucked in both holes by the two biggest cocks I had ever seen in my life and I was fucking loving it. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst.

Dave was aggressive and fucked long hard and deep, my hole was dripping with arse juice. As he pulled out Jay went down and licked my hole, cleaning up my arse juice. The feeling was out of this world, my hole was on fire and being licked by a horny fucker with a big tongue.

Dave swung round and forced his dick into my mouth, straight out of my man cunt and down my throat, opening wide and making me gag, Jay was forcing his fucking bull balls into my freshly fucked hole and proceded to fuck me with them. That is an amazing feeling but can never be repeated by anyone other than him .... he has to have the biggest bollocks in the world. He then fucked me with his fat meaty cock , hard . Dave was ready to shoot his first load after fucking my face. Jay Pulled out of my man cunt and Dave rammed straight in dumping his hot man load from his unprotected cock deep into my arse, he continue to fuck until every drop was drained. When he was done and my hole was dripping with arse juices and cum Jay was straight down to clean me out. I Pumped cum out of my hole and into his mouth. When his mouth was full he fed it to me and we all three snogged, mouths, beards covered and full of Daves re-cycled cum. That was just mind blowing

The guys stayed the night, I was gagged, bound, had my cock bound, was plugged, fucked with a dildo, ball fucked, spat on , spat in, licked, rimmed, gobbed on, spanked, smacked and used by two of the horniest fuckers I have ever ever met. Jay came over me 6 times, it was smeared over my body and in my face. He fucked me once and came all over my hole, using it as lube for Dave to Fuck me and fill my hole again. Not that I needed any lube I was wet and stretched. The only lube used all night was spit ,natural arse juce and man cum. Darren dumped in my 5 times and each time I was cleaned out, and we feasted on the contents of my arse.

I was not allowed to wash or wipe at any time, by the time we fell asleep we were all covered in and stinking of hot man sweat and cum. The stench of sex was amazing.

When we woke the next morning, Jay was straight into my arse to clean out anything I'd held onto overnight, Dave had a better Idea, we went into the bath room and with the hardest cock he rammed my arse and filled my hole with the first man piss of the day. I fed the contents of my arse, fresh piss and stale cum to them both. I was fucked 4 times, twice by each and they left me sitting with my arse dripping piss and cum, but I'm hanging onto it as long as I can , I have two fresh loads in me. When I can't hold out any longer I'll feast on it myself.

We are planning to meet again, No way can I say no to this, it is without a shadow of a doubt, the wildest, horniest, dirtiest sex I have EVER had and I want more.

I'm gonna be used as a cum slut and fuck toy for them both