Written by selby2006

10 Jul 2006

Some time ago whilst a member of the armed forces living in Germany i had a great surpriseone evening.

After finnishing work one day,loading trucks to go on summer camp early next morning, my wife jayne said that we had been invited up to ann's for a drink that evening. I said that i would not be able to drink as i had to leave early next morning.

After a lot of persuading i gave in and we went up to anns. When we got there anns friend iris was also there,both of there husbands were in N.Ireland,so they had got together to have a drink. The evening was going ok with the girls all having a good session,music was playing in the back ground and we were all having a laugh and a joke about sex(what else).

Arround about 11o'clock Iris suggested that we play cards so i suggested strip jack naked.They talked about it among them and finally agreed to play.

The game was going well for me as i had not lost but the girls had and off came some cloths, Ann was down to her bra knickers in no time(great sight),Iris had lost her t-shirt and Jayne was in the same state. The game progressed and ann won a few hands. by now iris was down to only her knickers and jayne to her bra and knickers.

I had lost a couple of things as the game progressed and then Ann lost two games in a row,off came the bra but she was a little shy with the knickers but the other two kept on at her and they eventually came off, What a great sight. Jayne was now down to her knickers but soon lost them.they were off in shot.I lost again and was down to my underpants which where slightly deformed.Eventually Iris's knickers came off to.

By now i had a raging hard on and Ann wanted to see it. Not wanting to dissapoint her i stripped off my underpants.

Ann said that she must have it so i said ok and told her to lay on the floor with her legs spread wide. I got down to give her hairy pussy a kiss when she suddenly said no as she had never been with anyone but her husband,but she would if Iris went first. Like a shot iris was on

the floor legs spread wide opening up her hairy pussy. I was stright in with the tongue and gave her a good tongue lashing for a few minuets until she begged me to shag her. I mounted her and rode her hard for about five minuets before she came.

Ann then said that she would like to be shagged so itold her to get on her back and spread wide which she did.after a few minuets of fingering her she was nice and wet so i slid into her and gave her a good humping.She did not take long to cum and i followed soon after.I just lay ontop of her savouring the moment when jayne said ,have you cum?,yes isaid and slowly got off ann. As igot off iris was in with her fingers up ann,yes he has cum as she romoved her fingers and stuck them in her mouth.

Jayne said i hope that i will get some when we get home. it was quite late by now so isaid that i would take iris home in the car so we got dressed and left. On the drive home iris said how much she had enjoyed the evening and hoped that it might happen again.When we got to her house she got out and said,do i get a goodnight kiss? igot out to give her a kiss but she grabbed at my cock so i put my hand up her skirt and her knickers were soaking.I liaid her on the bonnet ,lifted her skirt up and moved her knickers to the side and shagged her again.I saw her to her door and then went.

When i got back jayne was trying to get ann into her bed. I gave her a hand and we eventually got her on the bed.I gave her a kiss and a final finger up the pussy then we went home.

At home jayne said how turned on she had got watching me shag the others.I felt her fanny and it was dripping so i had to mount her and give her a good fucking.after we had finnished and we were talking about it i said to her that i would love to see her shagging someone.I'll see what i can do she replied.Two weeks later i was to get my wish when i watched my mate give her a good shagging.I watched her a few more times shagging and giving one of my mates a blowjob.

Since that time she has had about another 20 blokes,some with me knowing.