Written by Lucky Bugger

4 Jun 2006

I told you earlier of my 3somes with J & C and mentioned that was also lucky enough to enjoy some 1 on 1 with each of the ladies. C is married and her other half knows that I've been shagging her on a fairly regular basis but he isn't worried as he'sgetting his elsewhere.

As a change from our usual rendezvous in C's marital bed. I invited her to come down and visit me and having agreed on the date, I sent her the train tickets and arranged to meet her in London and accompany her on the final stretch of her journey. We walked to the station for the next part of our journey and had to wait on a crowded platform for our train to arrive. I was pressed close to her and in no time was sporting a massive hard on which I pressed against her. She reached down and gave it a gentle squeeze and whispered in my ear that she woul;d take care of that once we were on the train.

The train was quite crowded and I wondered how she was going to manage to take care of me but I needn't have woried. Having got clear of the metropolis we had quite a distance to go before the first stop. She left her seat andmade her way to the toilet and a short while later I did the same. She had removed her knickers and was sitting on the lid of the toilet seat frigging herself. She pulled down my zip, tokk my hard pole in her mouth and started to suck me hard. It wasn't long before I shot my load which she swallowed without losing a drop. She continued to suck me until I was hard again then she bent oiver the hand basin, lifted her skirt and invited me to shag her from behind. I didn't need a second invitation and slipped into her warm moist pussy and started to thrust deep into her before shooting my load deep into her. She replaced her knickers and returned to her seat. After a short interval I joined her. We didn't have time for another session before we reached our destination. In the taxi, I had my raincoat on my lap, she lowere my zip anjd cober of mt coat slowly wanked me. On arriving at the hoiuse I gave her the keys to open up while I settled up with the taxi driver. I went indoors, looked in the sitting room but she wasn't there. I went upstairs to the bedroom to find her naked on the bed playing with her pussy. I ripped off my clothes and dived between her legs and started licking and sucking her pussy before she pulled me on top and we started fucking like rabbits. It was quite late, or rather early, before we both collaped exhausted and fell asleep. I woke early and we were in a spoon position with my hard cock nudging her rear. I reached round and started to finger her pussy. She soon became quite wet and pushed her arse against me. She has never let me take her up 'tobacco road' but I thought that this was my chance. I slipped one finger into her little bud and slowly worked it in and out. She didin't raise any objection so I turned her onto her front, lifted her rear into the air anjd begain to to lubricate my taget with her pussy juices. I parted her cheeks and slowly pushed my now rampant cock slowly into her. She moaned so9ftly at first but then relaxed until I was completely inside her. I started off pumping slowly but increased the tempo, I felt myself about to come and grabbing her hips pushed deep inside her and shot a big load deep into her arse. She let me have her thare a couple more times before we had to get up, shower, have some breakfast and make our way to the station. She had arranged to see some friends in town so I saw her onto the train anhd on her way.

After her train had left I crossed the platform and boarded a coast bound train on my way to visit another lady friend of mine for some more sexual delights.

Now yo9u can see why I call myself.......

Lucky Bugger