Written by Big Mags

27 Nov 2003

hello, I'm Mags. I'm 53, married with two grown-up kids and, until last Christmas, my husband was the only man I'd ever been with. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm a prude - in fact, I'm a big of a flirt -but I'd never had the courage to take things any further than the occasional kiss and cuddle at parties and the like.

So what made this time different? Who knows ... although vodka probably played its part .......

So there we are at the office Christmas party, and I've probably had a bit more to drink than I should have. I'm in my finery, for what it's worth - black cocktail dress, high heels, black stockings and sussies. (See? Told you I'm a flirt!) I'm a middle-aged woman, with middle-aged spread, and no catwalk model, but the blonde hair (dyed) and big tits still have their attractions for men, as I was about to find out.

Cue the sales manager: ages with myself, handsome in an oily sort of way, very confident with women (serial shagger, according to ladies' toilet gossip) and not the kind of man I'd normally have touched with a barge-pole. Normally ......

We're dancing; a slow dance, which means his hands are all over my arse. He's also kissing my neck and nibbling at my earlobe, and to be honest that's what's really working for me. He obviously realises he's onto a shag because I find myself being taken by the hand and led off to a stockroom where before I know it my dress is on the floor and he's unhooking my black bra and stripping it from me. His hands are all over my breasts, kneading and pinching the nipples, and I can feel the bulge in his trousers as he rubs himself against my belly.

My knickers are down around my ankles now and he's unzipped himself, reveaing a very healthy-sized specimen - a good bit bigger than my old man's, if I'm being honest. He places a hand on each shoulder and pushes me to my knees, and I take hold of his cock as I feel him push my head forward. My mouth opens and for the first time another man's cock glides between my lips. I've only ever done this for hubby, of course, so I've no idea how good I am at it, but I give it my best shot, swirling my tongue around the shaft and trying to take it as deep as I can into my throat. I can hear him groaning, which I take to be a good sign.

Then he helps me to my feet and bends me forward over a table, spreading my legs and positioning himself behind me. He's a tall man and I'm only little - barely 5'4 - but I still have on my heels and I seem to be at just the right height for him to penetrate me from behind. His cock feels unbelievably big as it pushes into my wet fanny, and he proceeds to give me a right good seeing-to. I'm aware that I'm the latest in a long line of women he's done this to - probably lots of them in this very room - but for the moment I don't care. I'm being fucked by another man for the very first time, at the age of 52, and I'm loving it.

He spanks my arse a few times in the course of the fucking, and keeps up a constant stream of dirty talk, telling me how good my fanny feels and how sexy my big arse looks, framed by the black sussies. He makes me feel like a dirty whore, and I'm revelling in it.

Eventually I feel the pace quicken and his hands take a firm grip of my hips as he prepares to shoot his load inside me. When he finally starts spurting I can feel his cock coil and jerk in my fanny; I try to clench my pussy muscles to grip as tightly as I can while his cum shoots out, and then it's over and he's slipping his cock out of me with a final little slap on my bum and a murmured "Good girl."

As I straighten up and begin to collect my clothes I see he's wiping his cock on my black panties, which he then slips into a pocket, saying "I'll just hang onto these as a souvenir." It's in my mind to object, but then I think "What the hell?" and I let him take them.

Plenty of time to think up an excuse if the old man happens to notice when I get home ........