Written by Gina & JOE

13 Feb 2004

Gina and i went out dogging again last night, Gina my girlfriend has been dogged before by eleven guys which was really horny to watch, so she wanted another go this time i took the van after laying out a matteress in the back. We went to birdlip again and started to fuck around in the front of the van it was not long before we noticed a couple of guys watching and wanking outside the window,Gina looked at me and said shall i suck them off? i said yes why not she opened the door and took there cocks together and sucked them wanking them as well,the guys were feeling her tits and groping her pussy she had a thong on which was pulled to one side the guys both shot there load into her willing mouth Gina turned to me with her mouth full of cum and snowballed me as i french kissed her i could feel ther cum slide down my throat! the guys walked off but another three guys turned up and i said would you like to fuck my girlfriend they said sure,Gina got out the van and went to the back i opened up the rear doors and gina stood looking in the van as the first guy laid in the back gina took his cock and started ti suck him off the other guy stood behind her and lifted her short skirt up pulled her thong to one side and in one thrust shoved his cock into her cunt, he fucked her hard calling her names like spunk slut whore ect, he came into her filling her cunt with his hot spunk the guy she was sucking said ok you slag get on my cock which she did and started to ride him cowgirl while we watched then without warning the third guy had his cock out and climbed into the back of the van pushing gina forward he started to play with her arse gina had never had anal before but this guy was not going to take no for an ansa he fingered her arse whith his hands and produced a tube of lube in which he smotherd her arse and then his cock before pushing steadily but firmly into ginas entrails she cried out but once he was in she began to enjoy the sensations of being fucked in both holes at once, it was only now that we both realised that she was being fucked bareback in both holes, i found this vey erotic to think here was my girlfriend being fucked by strangers in both her holes, it was the first time we had been involved in dp but i could tell gina my sweet innocent girlfriend until last week was enjoying it yet again, both guys fucked her hard and both cum into her holes after which the guy pulled out of her arse ther was a little bit of shit on the end of his cock but he just wiped it into a tissue and walked away the second guy who had spunked her cunt pulled out and incredibly was still hard he got behind her and fucked her arse for the second time on the spunk and ky which was up there he shot a second load into her arse and pulled out and walked away. I got into the van and closed the doors and gina and i talked about what had just happened and i was so horny and hard that i got behind her and fucked her arse for the third time last night she was tight and full of spunk it was so horny thinking about the 2 guys who had taken her anal cherry that i to shot my load into her arse. We dressed and came home were we went to bed with Gina spunk covered and horny as i fucked her hard for two hours before we fell asleep. This happened last night thursday and we will be out dogging at the weekend maybe at tog hill so look out for a white van with two horny people in it and maybe you will get the chance to use my girlfriend fully while i watch and wank!!!!!!!