Written by Mac

12 Jan 2006

At work I was sick of being called a sad pathetic loser, my nick name was Billy no mates. Then it happened, I invented an imaginary girlfriend. Her name was Kelly, she was tall, great legs, perfect tits and gorgeous flowing blonde hair, and yes the collar did match the cuff.

I met her at a lap dancing club, she gave me a free dance where she pushed her shaved pussy into my face and said "Have this free one on me". From that day she gave up the dancing, she wanted to please me and please me she did.

She would always wear stockings and suspenders for me, I would slowly undress her, running my tongue over her perfect body, once she was naked I would run my tongue over her perfect body, when arriving at her pussy it was heaven, I didn't have to expend all that energy with my tongue to make her cum, I could just look at her clit, she would writh with pleasure and climax violantely, if I concentrated I could do it again and again. Thats the beauty of an imaginary girlfriend.

She loved it when I inserted my 9 inch cock, which had an imaginary 4 inches to my own. I could last for hours, take her in every position, every hole and get hard 30 seconds after cumming. We shagged in public, on the train, a bus and once in the fruit and veg section of a supermarket. I know who had the best melons that day.

Then it happened, Kelly went off sex, now this was weird because she was my imaginary girlfriend, however I also noticed that Paul my imaginary friend was not calling, in fact I hadn't seen him for a while. They it dawned on me, my imaginary girlfriend and imaginary mate were having an affair. I confronted them and they didn't deny it.

I should have been heartbroken, but hey, I knew that I had given Kelly an imaginary sexually transmitted disease, a bad one, a really bad one, and now I know that she had passed it onto him.

There was a knock at the door, sort of. It was Marie, Kellys best friend, what I would call a dorky looking girl, hair in a pony tail, glasses, frumpy clothes. I invited her in, we sat on the sofa. She put her heart on the line and said that she always fancied me, but was in Kellys shadow.

I was bored with her but she sprung herself on me and planted her lips on mine, I tried to pull back but she had her hands around my neck, I gave in, it was nice. She pulled away and stood in front of me. Slowly, one by one she stripped off the frumpy clothes. By the time she was down to her bra and pants I had nearly shot my load. This bird was stacked, she released her hair, it flowed by the side of her head, she removed her glasses and threw them to the floor, her hand was behind her back and released her bra, her titsl bounced out, massive with beautiful red nips, then her knickers were pulled down. I rose to kiss her nips, they were erect and I loved liking them, "suck my pussy" she said, I went down on her, opened her pussy lips and put my tongue on her clit, to my surprise it tasted like honey, "Do you like honey" she asked. "Oh yes" I replied. I licked and sucked her clit for an age, after all not only was this turning her on but it was also a good health option for me. Every time she came I slurped the beautifull honey into my body. She ordered me to strip and I stood before her Ive never had "12 Inches" she said, and that was the beauty of it.

I slid my 12 inch member into her, "God its thick" she told me, I stroked gently, faster, harder and then back to gently. She tickled my balls and I pushed in and out of her. I took her doggy fashion, even got her to put on a golden labrador uniform to make it more realistic. Thought a dog would sniff her bum, so did. and then inserted my willie right up her bum. By the time we finished she was barking like a dog.

I've long forgotten Kelly, Marie, her Mum, Her Sister and all of her imaginary friends often call round to see me. Im not Billy no mates anymore, after all im not the one reading this story.