Written by Amanda

27 May 2004

Hi, my name is Amanda and i am a 43 year old CD.

I met a chap yesterday in a car park. He invited me into his car. As soon as i sat down his hand was up my mini skirt and feeling the bare flesh above my stocking tops.

I was beginning to tremble in anticipation of what was to follow.

I told him i liked to be abused which seemed to please him.

he pulled down his pants, knelt on the seat and ordered me to rim his arse. I was happy to do this and was lapping away with my tongue and probing up his hole.

After about 10 mins. he turned round to see my face covered in his juices.He reclined my seat and told me to sit with my knees over my shoulders. He pulled aside my thong and roughly fingered my arse.

Right you slut he said ,now to fuck you hard you slag.

He rammed home in one thrust and took my breath away.

God it was lovely. soon he shot up me then got a mirror so i could see my gaping hole with spunk running out.

He then told me to fuck off slut.