Written by Bob

26 Mar 2005

I was surprised to see Mary posted her thoughts about how she was feeling before our last encounter. So I thought it only fair to post the rest of the story.

She is right, she gave me the most incredible blow job when I came in. She gives fantastic head. I love the way she takes my cock all the way in her mouth until it's against the back of her throat, and strokes it in and out of her mouth. And then she licks the shaft, gently sucking my balls. She'll stroke it until the precum starts to flow then rub the precum on her lips, pausing to come up and kiss me so I can taste it on her lips. That night she sucked me until I almost came, just stopping before.

I knew that she wanted to be fucked. I took her to bed and pushed her back on the bed. Grabbing her ankles in my hands to spread her legs. Her cunt glistened wet with her lips pushed up and out in the hole of the crotchless body suit. I couldn't wait to taste her.

I licked around her clit as she started to moan. Then up and down her long lips, then pushed my tongue into her hole, tasting her juices. Her moans got louder and her hands ran through my hair as she pushed my head into her cunt.

"Please fuck me", she begged between moans. I couldn't wait. I moved up her, her hand guiding my cock into her. She was so wet it slid up her effortlessly. Her legs wrapped around me as our mouths met, kissing hot and passionately.

It didn't take long before I felt an orgasm building, she was moaning and wiggling. Suddenly she came, at that moment I exploded in her. I could feel my cock pumping my hot cum into her cunt with each stroke.

I was exhausted and collapsed on her, her soft kisses on my face as I caught my breath. My cock still in her, I could feel our juices leaking out around it as we drifted off into a needed sleep.