Written by vampanya

6 Apr 2007

I looked ahead for the next truck. This was becoming more fun than I first thought. As we pulled up to the next one Rod flicked on the passenger side map light in the car and instantly I was lit up from the waist down. I kept my knees together until we were right alongside the door again then with a hand on each thigh, parted my legs slowly and slid my hands up the inside of my thighs. The movement caught the drivers attention and there was no doubt this time that the driver had seen me. I looked up through the back window to see his face against his window looking down straight at my cunt. He grinned at me and blew his horn as we pulled away.

Rod said I might be a little overdressed still, I should perhaps lose the top too. I didn’t take much more persuasion, off it came, though bizarrly to retain some modesty I kept my bra on. As we passed the next truck I lifted a leg up onto the dashboard and with my knees wide open fingered myself in full view of the driver. Rod gave this one a good 10 seconds at the same speed and as he began to pull away I looked straight at the driver, licked around my finger and slid it into my mouth watching the him curse speed restrictors.

I was wondering how much further I could go with this when Rod turned the bullet back on again. He said I had to cum again before we got to the next services where he wanted to pull over and taste me properly. If I didn’t cum in the next 5 miles I would have to keep the bullet on my clit until the services after – 20 or so miles further. Oh My God! That would be torture!

I flicked at my clit slid a finger into my hole and pressed the bullet on hard. I rocked up and down on it, rode it and after a mile or so felt the build start. It crept up slower this time but it was going to be explosive when it hit. I closed my eyes just as we rode along side another truck. I began to cum, it was so intense I felt like I was drowning. I grasped the head rest behind my head and drove my head back between the seat and the door. Rod reached over and shoved 2 fingers into my dripping cunt and rubbed hard at my G’spot. I opened my eyes and looked straight into the face above me, staring down, not glancing up at the road ahead, just watching. And smiling. I gasped and panted, the orgasm came in wave after wave, I felt pleasure everywhere and still the man in the truck just looked at me.

As it subsided I realised with relief that he wasn’t the one driving. It was a continental truck and he was a passenger! That had had me worried for a second. He really wasn’t paying attention to the road but then there’s hardly any wonder why.

I had been a good girl; cumming when I was told to and just ahead was the services. I wasn’t to be punished with 20 miles of vibrator after all. I was to be licked though. Rod wanted to get his face between my legs and drink every drop of my juice that he could reach with his tongue. Just as soon as he could park up and get me across the back seat.

He drove into the car-park but it was full of people going back and forth from their cars. There were far too many families around too. The truck park was looking a lot better for what we wanted. It was dark and fairly empty. He drove over to the back where there few trucks. Most had their curtains drawn across for sleeping.

I wound forward my seat, ripped off my tights and thong then jumped over into the back seat, hooking one foot on the back of my seat and the other up against the door frame. Rod was round the back in a flash and buried his face into my cunt, lapping at my lips and teasing my swollen clit with his teeth. I was moaning with pleasure, loving every second.

I didn’t notice the continental truck we had passed pulling into the truck park. I was so into having my pussy eaten that I didn’t notice the truck pulling along side us and stopping. I didn’t notice anything else until Rod stopped licking me, moved aside and a familiar face appeared between my feet. I didn’t move when he knelt down and took over what Rod has started.

Rod came round to the other side of the car, opened the door and watched while the truck drivers’ passenger devoured my cunt. His stubble was rubbing me raw but I was so turned on I wouldn’t feel the burn of it till much later. He stuffed 2 of his big fingers up me and finger-fucked my cunt hard. I was cumming again Rod covered my mouth to stop me from screaming out. The strangers fingers rammed me then he pushed my legs down behind my knees to fold me in half and licked me hard from my arse to my clit with his strong tongue and right back again probing both holes in turn. Rod released the clamp over my mouth and I gasped air in again.

That was when I saw the driver. He was standing behind his passenger with his enormous fat cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. I'd never been fucked with a cock as fat as that before. He had a bit of a wild look about him, longish grey hair and a crazy look in his eye. He didn’t say a word as his friend got off his knees and stood up. The driver leant into the car, took me by the wrist and pulled me up onto my no so steady feet. He led me to the steps of his truck and as I climbed up he got a good look at my pussy and arse. Not to miss a trick gave me a ‘helping hand’ or more of a helping pair of fingers; one in each hole! And he hadn’t even said ‘Hello’.

I’d never seen inside a truck before. I was amazed. I had no idea they had that much room in there it looked really cosy; TV on the wall and a decent sized bed. I had about 3 seconds to look around before the driver climbed in behind me, with a hand on my back and the other around my hips roughly bent me forward at the waist and in a second pressed his huge cock against my tight hole.

There was resistance at first, I wasn't sure if i could take such a big cock in my tight cunt but he pushed my face down harder into his bed, pulled my hips upwards and backwards with both hands and drove his monster right up to the balls.

Once in he didn’t mess about, he just began pumping me hard and my god he felt so wonderfully big. His passenger climbed up from the other side and released his hard cock. My head was dragged up from the bed by my hair and right in front of my mouth was another shiny cock though not quite as big as the one that was filling my cunt. I eagerly opened wide and was immediatly entered. So, there was me; being spit-roasted by total strangers at the M1 services on a Sunday night!

It was totally mind blowing. I have had fantasies about strangers, dangerous liaisons, about anything goes fucking and outdoor stuff but never expected to be getting it like this. I was more excited than I can remember being. This was all of that in one go. Fucking mental!! I had no idea what Rod was doing but I knew he was close and he was loving watching me get abused.

The driver was fucking me harder and harder, his fingers were digging into the flesh on my hips, his passenger was fucking my mouth right to my throat. They both pushed deeper into me than I thought they could, one held my hips so tight and rammed into me so hard pulling my head back and arching my back while the other filled my mouth and made it hard to breath.

The driver pulled out of me, moved from the seat behind me to sit on the bed in front of me and in one easy move pulled me forward and down to straddle him slipping his cock back up into my bruised cunt. He pulled my shoulders forward get into me better, and to a side slightly so I could take the passenger who was standing next to us into my mouth again.

I felt a finger probing my arse. I relaxed it as much as I could, and it felt so good. I was so excited when I felt the finger be replaced by a cock. I closed my eyes and my mind span. Rod slid his cock into my arse. I could see how it all looked in my mind, I’d watched it enough times on DVD’s to know I was defiantly up for DP.

I forgot to breathe and I thought I would pass out for a second. I was being fucked in every hole!! Forget DP, I was getting Triple action! It was happening now, not in my head any more but for real and how did I feel??? I had no idea – I was higher on adrenalin than I’ve ever been! I was somewhere else, watching this happen and wanking furiously over it!

I had a strangers cock pumping my cunt from underneath, my lover pounding my arse and calling me a good slut and another stranger fucking my mouth. I wasn’t helping anyone do anything – I was just being fucked however they wanted to fuck me and it was fucking fantastic. Had they done this before or what??

I realised the one of the truckers was ready to cum, his cock throbbed in my mouth and I was going to get it there!! I wasn’t going to have a choice. His fingers, caught up in my hair, held my head tight and back as he pushed it into my throat and hot spunk began jetting into my mouth. I chocked and swallowed, it went in my nose from the inside. He seemed to cum for ages then his grip on my head loosened.

I could breath again but he wasn’t finished yet. He wouldn’t move out of my mouth until I had licked every bit of cum from everywhere including where I dribbled it on his shaven bollocks. Then he carried on fucking my mouth though slowly now, the force had relaxed now, he was done.

Rod was still filling up my tight arse with his cock. He loved watching the passenger empty his load into my mouth. He knew what a filthy slut I would look like now with cum dribbling down my face and with a few more thrusts deep into me he began to add his cum to the party. He fucked my arse deep and hard while he gasped and groaned, cumming. He told me later that he was on the edge just watching the truckers abuse me and it was so hard holding out as long as he did. He pulled his wet cock from my arse and left the cab.

The driver was last now, he was yet to unload his bulging balls and fill my last hole with cum. He stood up again and bent me over his bunk again pushing my face down so he could do his worst. Then, without warning he drove his thick dick straight into my arse. I nearly went through the back of the cab!! He was so big in there it felt like my arse was on fire. I whimpered into his bed cover while he pumped my arse without mercy then finally - blissfully plunged back into my wet cunt and fucked me like a jackhammer. He came long and hard, he fucked me hard the whole way through, I could feel cum squeezing out past his cock as he pushed into me again and again.

When he was done he pulled out and got out of the cab. I realised I was the last one in there and I was a wreck. I had cum all over my face, up my nose and dribbling down my legs. Things hurt I didn’t know I had and I felt like the cheapest sluttiest whore imaginable! I loved it!

I climbed down from the cab and looked at the foreign truckers smiling. The driver was first to speak, I expected his accent to be European not Yorkshire! He said ‘Well that made a dull run fun!’ I was still fairly speechless and might have managed a ‘yes it did’. Rod asked why he was in a left-hand drive truck and he said he was taking the truck to the docks !!! And the passenger was a total stranger to him too – he had just picked him up for a lift to Derby. We said something about the possibility of meeting again in a similar way and Rod and me went back to the car.

We drove in silence out of the truck park and over to the services. I went in avoiding everyone’s eyes – convinced everyone knew what I just did by what a whore I must have looked. I got to the toilets and looked in the mirror. I had cum drying on my chin, my hair was everywhere – I had that ‘just fucked by 3 guys at once in a car-park’ look. Funny that! I washed the drying cum from my face, grabbed a few paper towels and got cleaned up in a cubicle as best I could.

I went back to the car and we headed back onto the M1 both a little stunned by what had just happened. Rod was just grinning from ear to ear. I was just fucked – literally but totally blown away still. I leaned back in the seat and relaxed while Rod continued the drive. Weird thing was though, as we passed some trucks, some blew their horns and I wasn’t doing anything. It looks like the CB was hot that night. We got lots of flashes. It wasn’t long before I was playing with them like in the beginning though this time there was no chance of stopping. I was too bruised to go again for 4 days!!! I was still turned on by them seeing me still especially now as I hoped they knew what had just happened.

I can’t wait for the next long journey, it used to be a real drag, now I get wet just thinking about it. I wonder how many truckers have stories to tell or how many more I'll get to play with. One things for sure though, I will never look at a long line of trucks in a jam without getting very turned on.

Sweet Dreams