Written by Yorkie lover

6 Nov 2003

I recently helped a mate out for a few weeks byu agreeing to driving one of his lorries as he was short staffed, i picked up the truck from swindon in wilts and my first drop off was in manchester..along trip but better then lots of short ones I thought..anyway HGV drivers are restricted to a 4 and half hour drive before a rest fo 45 minutes is needed..so having been on the road for just over 4 hours i was looking for the next available service stop off..

i noticed that theer was a sign along the road for a services just off the motorway and thought that it would be perfect to sit eat my rolls and have a cuppa

I parked up in what was this quiet car park not many other lorriest there that night, as i undid my bag I heard a noise coming from behind the truck..

I quickley got out and looked behind..there was this guy and his wife stood there laughing out loud and I noticed she had very little covering her body, the guy said sorry mate we are not laughing at you, but another guy who was running off in the distance..he explained he and his wife were into dogging and the guy they had with them that night had failed miserably to get a hard on..I was staggard at there openess it was as if it was common place..id ever come across doggers before., but read about it..I looked closer at his wife who by now was shivering with the cold..she was really attractive and had a very nice body..I asked where there car was and the hubby said back about a mile they had gone for some outdoor fun but had walked quite away to find somewhere decent..she asked if the truck was warm inside and i said yes nice and hot..hubby then said ive an idea, why dont you let my wife jump in the cab and get warm while I go get the car..I agreed thinking a good bj would be on the cards..off he trundled and she climbed into the passenger seat her skirt had ridden up and her stocking/holdups were on view..she looked at me and said how dissapointed she was that she had taken the trouble to dress up..and their friend could not rise to the task..she asked if I thought she was sexy looking..i told her I would fuck her without a secound thought and that id wanted her to suck my cock from the first sight of her..she moved across to me and let her fingers run along my thigh runnig nearer to my now semi erect cock..as she traced its length she smiled and told me that it seemed l ike a nice thick one, I told her to stop the talking and get on with the sucking as i only had about half hour left before I needed to get on my way..she leant forward I undid my trousers and she took out my cock flciking her tongue over the end..you taste good she said allowing the head to slip effortlessly into her mouth deeper she was really enjoying it..looking at me as she sucked..allowing it to go right down her throat..asking if i liked it nice and deep,, I responded by pushing her head down getting it as deep as it would go..reaching for her breasts and twisting her nipples between my fingers, she moaned as i got them hard..saying she loved them pulled hard..wanking my cock into her mouth again..adjusting her position so that i could reach them better..I want to finger your pussy I said to her so she sat back..and parted her legs..

i clambered over the seats..letting my fingers ease in under her panty elastic..feeling how wet she was...she smiled again and said thats it baby..just there rub my clit..I obliged..allowing my index finger to slip in over her clit..she felt great and se was now rubbing her own nipples and breasts..moving her hips in time with my fingers..I want that cock inside me now she said teeth gritted..as she liftwed herslef once more I told her to sit astride me..and lower her wet cunt onto my cock,.im 7 inches and nice and thick but she was so wet it slid in nice and easy..she had her arms round my neck and was riding my cock nioce and hard..kissing me..and allowing me to fondle her breasts sucking her nipples as she leant back with that the door on my cab opened, and her husband appeared.he just said dont mind me carry on she needs warming up..we fucked hard and fast..she started to cum..saying for me to fuck her deeper and harder...pulling my hair as she got nearer...reaching round and rubbing my balls and rubbing her cunt from behind she shuddered as she came..I had not cum yet but was not far away

she asked if id like her to suck my cock again..

she wanted me to shoot inside her mouth..not resistance from me at all..she wanked and sucked my cock till I told her I was coming then she positioned herslef where she could see my face as I shot deep into her mouth sucking as if it were the last lolly in the store..watching my face as I bit my lip trying to last longer as I loved her mouth..finnally i shot jerked my hips up...and she went deeper..rubbing my balls....one hand inside her wet cunt again rubbing juices along my shaft..then back inisde her again..she opened her mouth allowing me to see my cum on her tongue then she swallowed it..telling me how good i tasted..

I told the couple who I never even new the name of a this point..Id have to go as tacograph was witness to my stop times..she asked how often I came here told her not sure as I was standing in for someone..in more ways then one she said..laughing..hubby had wanked himself but not cum thank fuck a mess in the cab like that is not needd..lol he said heres our number call us if you are gonna be here again we can meet up and enjoy eachother again..she leant in kissed me then they left..I straightend my clothes and got me rolls out..crushed I might add her hubby had sat on me bag and my rolls looked like sarnies..but I forgave him after all id just fucked his wife so fairs fair..