Written by Vera

18 Jun 2005

Shortly after we got married my husband and I were living in a small village just outside Cheltenham and as my husband had to go away from time to time it was convenient for me to be able to drive. My husband tried to teach me but that was a total disaster and I booked lessons at a local driving school. I had an elderly instructor called George and after a few lessons I realised that he was fascinated by my legs and I always gave him a bit of a show when getting in and out of the car showing him a bit of stocking top.

At the time I was working as a receptionist in a local garage and in those days we worked Saturday mornings and had Wednesday afternoons off. One Wednesday one of the salesmen a short, fat, bald middle aged chap called Ron said, "I hear you are taking driving lessons and I wondered if you would like to have a drive this afternoon. I have to visit a customer out in the country and once we get out of town I could put L plates on and you could practise your driving." Although not over keen on driving with Ron I thought, "What the hell its free experience." And agreed to go with him. His car was an old Ford Anglia and as soon as we were out of town he put the L plates on and we swapped seats. I noticed in the process that he was getting a good eyeful of my stockings and suspenders but I thought that it was a little perk for letting me drive his car and I made no great effort to cover up.

After we had visited his customer we drove further out into the country until he told me to turn down a small lane through some woods which opened out into a small clearing where he sugested we stop for a cigarette. I must admit that I had become quite elated enjoying driving on the open road and thought how nice Ron had been to give me this opportunity. We chatted about this and that and when we finished our cigarettes it was really no surprise when he turned grabbed me and kissed me. I had more or less expected it and thought," I'll just give him a couple of light kisses and then we can get on our way." However to my surprise when our lips met I found myself being kissed by an expert and I was soon returning his kisses with our tongues intertwining and even more surprising this short fat bald man was turning me on and I could feel my knickers moistening. As we kissed he began to feel my breasts through my dress and I felt my nipples harden to his touch. He realised the effect he was having on me and moved a hand down on to my knee and slowly slid it up my nylon stocking. I knew I should stop him but the higher his hand got the more worked up I became and he was soon feeling my cunt through my thin nylon knickers. He quickly found my clit and as he gently caressed it through my, by now. damp knickers knickers I thought, "Bloody hell this chap is an expert and I'm going to get fucked." By mutual consent we moved into the back and I sat on the seat while he knelt between my legs. In that position he was able to keep on kissing me while unbuttoning my dress and removing my bra. He skillfully caressed my tits and sucked my nipples until they were standing out hard and red. Then he slid a hand down the front of my white knickers and on to my bare cunt. I couldn't remenber when I was last so wet and he easily slid two fingers into me and started to finger fuck me. By now I was going crazy moaning and panting as he caressed my clit which was hard and throbbing and he played me like a fiddle and I cried, "Oh Christ Ron fuck me. Fuck me now." The bastard grinned and said, "What did you say? What do you want me to do?" I moaned, "Take my knickers off and fuck me." With that he caught the waist band of my knickers and pulled them right down and off. He unfastened his trouser and pushed them and his underpants down. He had a big eight inch cock standing out hard and stiff with a throbbing purple swollen knob. He pressed the knob against the lips of my dripping cunt and slowly eased it into me. I could see and feel my cunt stretching around it as he pushed further and further into me and began to fuck me with slow steady strokes gradually speeding up until he was thrusting into me and his knob was banging against my cervix. In no time I was screaming, "Oh. Oh. I'm cumming. I'm cumming and my whole body shook as I came. He didn't stop but continued to fuck me watching his cock sliding in and out and gradually I felt another orgasm building up and I had another shattering cum. He seemed delighted that I had cum twice and with a cry blasted huge spurts of cum into me. We stayed where we were for a little while with his cock soaking in me. Then I said that perhaps we should make a move back to town. He reluctantly agreed and pulled out of me. I quickly got out of the car and used some tissues to mop up his cum. Then before I put my knickers back on I realised that I had to have a pee before we drove back. When I told him he just grinned and made me squat in front of him as he bent down and watched me piss.

We then drove back to town and when he dropped me off at home had a good feel of me still wet cunt before I got out of the car. Needless to say he fucked me regularly every Wednesday afternoon and at other times when my husband was away for several months after that. He also fucked me up the arse and always watched close up as I pissed. Being fucked by Ron gave me a taste for it and I even got fucked by my elderly instructor a couple of times and by a judicious display of leg I passed my test first go.