Written by Ano81

31 May 2009

When my boyfriend of two years dumped me I was so miserable, moping around the flat and at work, so much so that my best male friend, Chris, decided to take me out to get me well and truly pissed. We slumped in the pub on the Friday after taking the days off work and drank and drank until we were slurring in the beer garden.

Naturally our discussion turned to sex and the most filthy things we had done. Chris told me of the time he had fucked his ex in the booth of an adult cinema in Amsterdam and was caught by the proprietor. Shamefacedly I admitted to having no adventures whatsoever and wimping out when my ex had wanted me to have a go with his mates. I had never been able to get the bottle together, although I did admit to my friend that I would have actually really liked to do it, secretly and fantasised for ages after about being plowed by their cocks.

This then led onto a discussion about public sex, with Chris confessing to deliberately taking his dog for a walk along the local dogging spot nearby and watching the groups going at it. I asked him whether he’d ever done anything there and he laughed it off and asked if I’d like to go for a look.

Laughingly I agreed and we staggered out the pub and went along to the dogging spot giggling and tripping over each other. There were already three cars there and I could see the lights on in two of them and two guys standing nearby.

“Come on, let’s a get a better look.”

Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the cars. I could see the doors open on one of the cars and there was a pretty woman in her 30s sat on the back seat in a basque and stockings sucking loudly on the cock of another guy who was thrusting into her red-lipsticked mouth. I felt myself grow wet and was suddenly very self-conscious in just my jeans and white t-shirt.

“Holy shit.” I heard Chris say as the guy groaned and unloaded into the woman’s mouth, spunk dribbling down her chin.

The two guys near us walked over to Chris grinning.

“Hey mate, you’re new.” A dark-haired guy said. He was tall and good-looking with the broad shoulders I like in men. “First time?”

I nodded and laughed nervously. The other guy leaned over, he was grey-haired, but okay-looking but my attention was on a massive bulge in his own jeans! It was huge! He spotted my gaze and laughed.

“You fancy a go?” he said, cupping the impressive bulge. I nodded and reached out to unzip his flies and he flicked his button open. His cock sprang out at me and I immediately took it in my mouth. I always liked sucking cock and this was no exception. I could barely get it in my mouth.

I heard Chris say something behind me and a pair of hands raised my t-shirt. I paused on my mouthful and let the dark haired guy remove it and my bra to expose my tits. I’m quite a curvy size 14 with 34DDs I’m rather proud of. He squeezed his handful and ran his hand down the seam of my jeans to stroke my crotch. I reached down and unsnapped them, baring my thong then reached up to fondle the guys balls being rewarded with a faceful of spunk that dripped onto my tits.

I heard the guy mutter a sorry before zipping up and walking off (how rude!) I wiped my face with my t-shirt and looked around for Chris.

He was balls-deep in the other woman who was now sprawled on the bonnet, her stilettos swinging. Another guy was jerking off frantically over her massive tits which bounced with every thrust from Chris.

“Fancy a fuck on the car?” The dark-haired guy said, now with his hand buried in my jeans, one finger thrust into my sopping pussy.

I yanked down my jeans and thong, kicked them off and walked naked over to the car he had pointed to, leaning over it. I felt a little bit more sober by now but still couldn’t wait for the feeling of cock inside me. I pulled apart my cheeks and felt the guy sink into my pussy. He wasted no time in plowing me good and hard. I could swear it was the biggest one I’d had.

He pulled me away from the car and another guy came over with his cock out.

“You feel like sucking me off?”

Boy did I ever! As I was pounded from behind, I sucked on the new guy. My first spitroast! It felt great. My only disappointment was it didn’t last long as the guy fucking my pussy froze, sank his fingers into my hips and filled me with his cum. As he withdrew, the other guy I was sucking pulled away.

“I want to do your cunt.” He said and I lay down on the ground, his wet prick going deep into my cum-filled cunt. It felt amazing and I was yelling for him to fuck me harder which he obliged. He soon spunked into my pussy before he too pulled out and left (I wish guys wouldn’t do that).

As I was finding my clothes, Chris turned up with a smug look. As it turned out there had been another girl in the car I had been fucked on who had been up for double penetration and Chris had got some anal out of it. I was so jealous.

We’ve decided we’re going next week. Who knows, maybe I’ll get my anal.