Written by DEB

15 Nov 2003

Last night was different, my boyfriend thinks im having an affair so really scared hes going to find out about me and his dad.

So last night I went clubbing with some friends and got very drunk and text Jeff asking him to come and do me, the texts were filthy but he liked them. He rang me and said he was at his frinds house playing cards and did I fancy going round. So jumped in a taxi and of I went. Got outside the house and staggered inside to be invited in by an older lady well about late fiftys to sixty, she was all dressed up with high heeled sandals and stockings and wearing leather. Jeff was pleased to see me and he wasalso drunk, I told him that me and his son had fell out and he said "oh never mind come to Jeff" I sat on his knee and his friend called Merv was knocking back whiskey and eyeing me up. I was wearing a alterneck top, no bra and a black short mini with knee length boots and I felt sexy. Jeffs hands were going up and down my legs and he was talking to Merv, then in came the women her name was Wendy and she was Mervs wife, she told me she had been to a strip club a gay one in London and then started telling us what it all involved, it also turned out that her and Merv were both bi and swingers. She was very friendly and for her age had a good body, me being drunk commented on her tits she smiled and then flashed them at me and playing with them, Merv then got up and came over to me and Jeff and without saying anything pulled up my skirt and said "shame shes wearing panties" he then pulled them to one side parted my legs and looked at Jeff by saying " do you mind" Jeff laughed and said not at all for Merv to go ahead. Mervs fingers went in to me and he was fiddling around and shoving them in and out roughly as he pulled out he would look at me and then ram them back in again, it felt nice actually and made me moan and move around on Jeffs knee, he then put his head between my legs and tongued me roughly again he was licking frantically and ramming his fingers in my hole, after a few minutes he got up turned to Wendy and said "she will do" she then came over to me and pulled my top over my head to show of my tits, she reached to the side of Jeff and got some baby oil and smothered my tits in oil and carressing them and flicking my nipples with her fingers, she then put her large tits against mine and we were rubbing them together. I could hear Jeff panting and breathing heavy behind me so new he was turned on. Wendy then pulled down my nickers and asked me if this is what I want, I nodded and she was then tonguing my clit and rubbing me with in minutes I shot my cream all over tongue she kneeled up and smiled and said "you have a sweet little pussy babe" Jeff was big and pushing against my bare arse and feeling my tits he was grunting and then he pushed me to get of me telling me to bend over the table in front of us this I did and Wendy did the same but noticing she was naked. Both our arses were in the air and we both had cocks in our cunts being pumped at by Jeff and Merv. Jeff took me first and god was he huge he then pulled out and went in to Wendy pumping her arse she was screaming, I then felt Merv go in to my hole he was slapping my bare arse and ramming him self up me I was being shunted backwards and forwards by this stranger he to was huge, he then pulled out and turned me round lieing me on the table and parting my legs he got on top of me and in he went again fucking me hard and fast with every shove of his cock I moaned and grabbed hold of the sides of the table, I looked to the side and Jeff was fucking Wendys hole still and he looking at me as he fucked her, he then pulled out and told her to come to me, she came over and sucked on my tits as her elderly husband continued to take me all the way as she flicked my nipples and nibbled me I come all over Merv he then grunted with a couple more pushes and pulled out with his head back he come all in Wendys mouth and she sucked and swolled every drop, Merv was still huge and then fucked Wendys hole at the side of me, I lay there wondering how the hell this man could carry on fucking and remain so big and hard, Jeff then came over to me by shoving his cock in my cunt with a few rams inside he fiulled me up saying as he shot his cream "take that you naughty girl" Jeff was also still horny and huge I then found out they had all taken viagra and boy were they all going for it including Wendy, she come a number of times and I got to lick her cunt which was wet as I licked her I got fucked again from behind not sure who by Merv or Jeff, they shot there cream in me again and it was running all down my legs.

I couldnt take any more I was so sore but the three of them were still at it, sucking and fucking, I also watched Merv suck Jeffs cock with Jeff then coming all in Wendys mouth.

I rang a taxi and went home, I showered and went to bed what a night