Written by C

15 Sep 2006

My husband has always fantasised about having two women at once, watching whilst they fuck each other then ramming his cock up them both and getting a double blow job.

It was his 28th birthday recently, and I decided he needed a treat. I also wondered if he was all talk or whether he really could get it up for two women.

I have been friends with Ellen for about 10 years, since our mid teens. Neither of us is a lesbian, but we did experiment with each other while we were younger, and the memories of her young, sweet pussy and fabulous firm, large tits still sometimes come to mind while Duncan is giving me head. I therefore got back in touch with her and asked her if she would be game in giving my husband a bit of a treat. She was up for it as I knew she would be (she is that kind of girl and she knew she would be getting her pussy licked), and so an hour before Duncan returned home from work on his birthday she came round to my house.

I was playing a porn DVD, and offered her a glass of wine which she accepted. We both changed into skimpy nighties and took off our underwear. One glass quickly turned into a couple of bottles and before long the combination of porn and alcohol had us horny as hell. Ellen's nightie had risen up to her thigh line, and as she moved her legs opened giving me a glimpse of moist, pink pussy. I couldn't help myself, and using my finger I took the pussy juices and used them to stroke all round her clitoris. She moaned deeply, lay back parting her legs fully and became even wetter. I took the opportunity to start gently licking at her swollen pussy, and anjoyed the familiar taste of those juices. It was too much for me, and I began to stroke my own clit furiously as Ellen cried out and begged for more. In no time at all she was shuddering to a climax, and completely soaking my face.

'Your turn' she said, producing my 10" vibrator and ordering me to get on all fours. She had remembered that I like it hard, and she worked the vibrator furiously in and out of my soaking wet pussy, pausing every few thrusts to lick at my eager clit. In no time at all, I started to come and at that moment the door opened and Duncan entered to see his wife being pleasured by another women and screaming her name.

His cock was immediately hard. Ellen went straight over to him and released it, taking it deep into her mouth and rubbing her pussy at the same time. I felt a little jealous, but the sight of her taking him right back into her throat and massaging his balls also made me horny again and I was anxious to get in the action. Duncan has always wanted to fuck me while I lick another woman out, so I asked Ellen to lie back with her legs spread as far apart as possible, and went down on her again. She soon starting bucking violently and Duncan started fucking me like a madman. I let this go on until I knew Duncan couldn't hold on much longer, then indicated to Ellen that it was time for us both to suck his cock. We both wanted his come on our faces so we took it in turns to suck him as deeply as possible until he shouted that he was coming and spurted over both of our faces and tits. There was loads, much more than I've ever seen him do before. I then turned to Ellen and kissed her deeply, sharing my husband's come with her. She wanted my husband to fuck her then, but I hadn't intended to go that far on a first time, so I let him lick her pussy and play with her massive tits until she came again.

After she had left, Duncan & I fucked all night until my pussy was sore. He was really grateful to me, but what he doesn't know is A) I loved it as much as him and B) I intend to take two cocks on my next birthday.