Written by Early Bird

26 Aug 2006

I just have to tell this story of what has happened over the last few days. I never thought I would have an experience like this but every word is true.

My wife and I live in Cornwall and at 55 both thought that our more exciting days of sex are behind us. Although we used to soft swing a few years back that is now long past and the best I get is a bit of erotic correspondence via Swinging Heaven. Living way out in the sticks doesn't help.

In the Summer we get visits from quite a few friends and family either on their way on holiday or taking a few days break on the cheap. We have just had my wife's cousin D staying with us for three days with his wife E both of whom are about 5 years younger than us. I had never thought much about E in a sexy way, she always struck me as a bit straight laced although at only 5 foot in her business suit she did occasionally cause me to let my mind run on.

On the first night we all sat up drinking wine and catching up on family details. Next morning I got up early, my wife isn't amorning person and I generally tidy things up a bit and make the coffee but not until after 9. As we had tidied as we went the previous night there was very little to do and I soon found myself at aloose end.

As usual after a night on the wine I was feeling very horney and decided to go into the living room and have a wank. I have always loved wanking ever since I was a kid and still do it regularly. My wife knows and is ok about it as long as I am always ready for action with her whenever she needs to be satisfied. I figured that with the night before and guests in the house we would not be fucking for a while.

I sat on the sofa and opened my dressing gown with nothing underneath and started to wank away. Nothing much was happening and I just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of my prick getting harder as I slowly wanked. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement and to my horror saw E standing in the doorway in her dressing gown. I froze on the spot but there was no point in trying to hide what I was doing. As we were watching each other I noticed that she had her hand inside her dressing gown and was rubbing her left nipple. Slightly reassured I recommence my wanking slowly working my prick right before E's eyes.

We contined for a while and I noticed that she had moved her hand from her nipple to her pussy and was now starting to rub herslf there while still watching me. Without a word I gestured to the sofa and she came and sat beside me, stll rubbing herself. She then undid the front of her dressing gown and contined to slide her finger up and down her slit.

I had never given E much thought but I was delighted at what I saw. She had two beautifully rounded tits with little pink nipples both of which were sticking out by miles. Best of all was her cunt which had to be the hairiest I have ever seen. I love a thick bush and my wife has never shaved her's at my request but hers is blond and only fairly bushy. E's was jet black with hair curling in every direction and so thick you couldn't se through it.

We continued for a while just sitting along side each other wanking and watching. At what I judged to be the right moment I slide my hand across and started to take over rubbing her clit which was sticky from her own juices. She obviously approved as with her now free right hand she took my prick and started to wank me harder. I wasn't long before she came making little spurting noised from her cunt as some of her juices escaped. This brought me off and I spurted a great stream of cum all over her tits and hair.

After a few minutes E got talking and it turned out that D was under stress at work and she had not been getting sex for a few months. She had had to resort to all sorts of toys to keep her happy and it was driving her mad. All this talk started to get me excited again and she could see my prick starting to stir. She quicking knelt down and took my prick in her mouth sucking me until I was hard again. As soon as I was I plunged into her cunt and fucked away as hard as I could geting her to come three times before I shot my load for a second time.

We then made coffee for our partners and spent the day as normal. Next two mornings we repeated the exercise getting ever more adventurous and tending to get straight down to it while our partners slept upstairs. This culminated in the final morning when I lay her over the breakfast table and gave her a good ass fucking using the old stand by of butter as a lubricant.

After they had gone my wife remarked how E had seemed to enjoy here stay and got more relaxed and perhaps I should look at her a little differently than I had in the past. I agreed but didn't say that I had already changed my mind, she wasn't a bit straight laced, she was in fact a cock hungry cum slut that I had just fucked in every hole over three days. We are invited to stay with them soon and I am really looking forward to it.

As I said I sounds amazing but every word is true