Written by Dan

1 Sep 2003

If you read ‘Sunday Morning’ did you ever wonder how the woman and the squire came to be there? Well, here’s the answers:

Annie and Suzy shared a flat together in London. They had agreed that they would have use of the flat on alternative nights for ‘entertaining’ their boy friends – they shared most things but weren’t into sharing their sexual encounters. Certainly they told each other what they and their boyfriends got up to and it was clear to both of them that neither was constrained in any way.

It had been Annie’s turn on Saturday. On Sunday morning, both girls got up quite early and were having coffee in their dressing gowns.

“When’s David coming round this morning?” Annie asked

“Probably about half past ten but I’m going out before then.”

Annie’s eyes showed her surprise, “But I thought you and him had a ball. What’s gone wrong?”

“He’s totally into anal. Now. As you know, I like it up my arse occasionally but that’s all he wants. I’ve told him I don’t like it so much and he promises that he won’t do it but just as we start to fuck, he’ll pull his cock out of my cunt and stick it up my arse. I’m not ready and it can be painful. The only thing I can say in his favour is that it does make me cum incredibly strongly and feeling him blasting his cum up my arse really is fantastic.”

“ What are you going to do?” asked Annie.

“I don’t know, I think I’ll just go for a drive into the countryside.”

The girls finished their coffee and went to wash themselves.

As Annie walked by Suzy’s bedroom door, she saw that Suzy was in very revealing bra and thong and was clipping stockings to a suspender belt.

“What’s that for?”

“Well, I like to feel sexy on Sundays and even if I don’t meet anyone, I can always play with myself.”

Annie thought about that, shook her head and put on a negligee. She sat down in an armchair and began to read. Both girls liked stories about sexual encounters and they had just discovered ‘The Black Pearl’ a magazine that had appeared briefly in Victorian times but had disappeared after about six editions. To say the least, it was very hot and very explicit. Both of the girls had read it many times. Annie’s favourite was about the girl traveling by train (no corridors in those days) and had been fucked by a bishop and an admiral. Suzy preferred the on going story of the two young boys who fucked the maid and then all the young girls in the house – including their sisters.

Suzy completed dressing with a deep cut blouse and a light, almost see-through skirt. “I’ll be off then. Don’t know when I’ll be back but, if you have someone in, just put the normal note on the door and I won’t disturb you.”

“I should be so lucky. I’m going to clear-up my bedroom and the lounge and then try and get some things ready for work tomorrow.”

Suzy picked-up her bag and car keys, said goodbye to Annie and went out.

Annie sat back in the chair and continued reading. The story made her quite horny and she found herself with her finger inside her panties and, rapidly, in her very wet cunt. She was startled as the door bell rang. Pulling her negligee around her, she went to the door and opened it.

“Where’s Suzy gone?” said David. “I just saw her driving up the road.”

Annie looked at him and wondered how on earth she was going to reply. “Oh, she’s gone out, I’m not sure where or how long. Come in and have a cup of coffee.”

David came in and Annie couldn’t help noticing the way the bulge in his very tight trousers. Suzy had always said that he was well hung and Annie wondered just how well.

“Where’s she gone?”

“As, I told you, I don’t know but she did say that she wouldn’t see you today.”

“Why? We have a great time together and I thought she was looking forward to today.”

Annie paused for a minute and then said, “Yes she’s told me about what you two get up to but she’s fed-up with your always wanting anal.”

“But she loves it. OK, She’s said she wants it in other ways as well but she always has the most tremendous orgasm when I’m up her arse – and so do I.” He added with a smile.

“Well, she said that she had had enough and wanted to have a day off.”

Dave sat back in his chair and looked glum. Annie leaned forward allowing her negligee to open at the front clearly showing her naked breasts. David’s eyes looked intensely at them and said, “Would you like to fool around a bit?”

“I don’t mind but let’s get it clear that, while I don’t mind it up the back, that only comes after you’ve got me really worked-up and licked and fucked me in every other way.”

David didn’t say a word but put his hand down her negligee and gently fondled her breasts.

Annie closed her eyes then sat up and said, “Let’s go in the bedroom.”

As she walked to the bedroom, she let her negligee slip to the floor. David saw Annie’s beautiful bottom and immediately seized a cheek in each hand.

“Now, you know what I said, perhaps you may finish up there but my front comes first.”

David turned her round and gave her a hard kiss on the mouth. His tongue explored inside her mouth and Annie did the same to him. David’s mouth moved down to her neck and quickly to her breasts. His tongue went round each nipple in turn which by now were sticking out like organ stops. Annie felt his hand slip down to her crutch. It had been moist from her earlier reading but now it was absolutely sopping. David pushed her back onto the bed and opened her legs. With no delay, she felt his tongue in her cunt playing with her clit. Annie climaxed and David greedily licked out all her moisture.

Annie laid there for a moment then pulled David onto the bed beside her. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. She then unzipped his trousers, undid the belt and began to pull them down. They stuck on his shoes and socks. Annie’ frustration was almost at bursting point as she took shoes and socks off and finally got his trousers off. David lay there looking at her. He was still wearing a thong but it was not big enough to fully cover his cock. He had a huge erection and as Annie pulled his thong down, it leapt up and almost shuddered with anticipation. Annie knelt between David’s legs and admired what she saw. He had the biggest pair of balls that she had ever seen. The cock waving above them was pretty long, 8 inches she thought, but it was its thickness that almost took her breath away. ‘I’ll never get that all in my mouth’ she thought. She licked his balls and slowly moved her tongue up to the base of his cock. It really was colossal. She ran her tongue up to the tip and cautiously took the end into her mouth. She sucked in bit more and suddenly had all of the bell end inside her. David lay there moaning with delight. He laid his hand on the top of her head and gently eased her back and forwards. As she rocked, she was able to take more and more into her mouth. ‘I can’t believe that I’ve really got all of his cock in’, she thought.

David’s hand was moving her head faster and faster when suddenly, she felt him cumming. His cock leapt in her mouth and she felt his cum spurt out. She drew back so that only the bell end was inside her and drank everything that he poured into her.

She pulled herself onto the bed beside her and they laid there for a little while exhausted.

Annie felt David’s hand between her legs. Her hand went down to his cock and she was pleased to find that it was already erect and hard again.

“Let’s fuck.” They both said almost simultaneously.

David mounted her pushing her legs back almost beside her head and began to fuck. ‘His cock is really magnificent’, Annie thought to herself but rapidly lost herself as she felt herself climaxing. David rolled over and pulled Annie on top but facing towards his feet. She slipped his cock back into herself and rode him wildly. She felt David’s finger begin to play with her arse. He thrust it further in. Although Annie had had it up there before, this was something completely different. Unbelievably, she found herself climaxing again. She rolled off him and said, “OK, if you want it up the back, I’m game. Although, I think I want some lubrication before you put your monster up there. What did Suzy do to get it inside her?”

“Don’t worry, as it’s our first time, have you got any cream?”

“What ordinary cream?”

“Yes, I find it works as well as anything and, what’s more I can lick it off afterwards.” David smiled as he said this. Annie went to the kitchen and brought back a large tub of cream. David put some on his hand and worked into Annie’s arse. “Oh, it’s cold.”

“Well, it’s just come out the fridge but don’t worry, we’ll soon heat it up.”

David’s fingers continued pushing up her arse and Annie felt excitement building up inside her.

“I reckon you’re ready now.” said David.

“Ok, but be careful how you stick that thing in.” said Annie

David rolled Annie onto her back and again got her to hold her legs back beside her head.

“I thought you did it from the back.” Said Annie, “every other time I’ve had it was always sort of doggy style.”

“That’s how everyone starts but being able to see, kiss and fondle each other is so much better.”

David put the end of his cock at the opening of Annie’s arse. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and pulled him towards her. It was fantastic! Annie had never had a sensation like it. David’s massive cock slid smoothly up her arse. She didn’t believe that she could take it all but she had and was urgently pulling him in and out. She climaxed but still David continued. She lost count of the number of times she came. David finally erupted inside her and they both collapsed back on the bed.

As they recovered, David licked away the cream mixed with Annie’s wetness while Annie licked David’s cock and balls.

They played with each others bodies, while time passed unnoticed. Suddenly, they heard a key in the front door.

“Shit, it’s Suzy, I forgot to put the notice out. How the fuck are we going to explain this?”

More soon about how Sir John found himself meeting Suzy