Written by Stuart W

23 Oct 2005

We were at the long planned Eastbourne Sales Conference and the night was just beginning. I had worked with Helen for a number of years and we had always got along well, she was early 30’s , bright, articulate and was always well dressed. Actually the “get along well” bit is a something of an understatement because there was always a flirty , suggestive edge to the conversations. Physically she had a great figure, medium length dark hair and she was good looking. I had not seen her for over a year because she had taken on a new role which meant she had to relocate to another part of the UK.

I was stood at the bar waiting to be served when she walked up to me.

“Sorry Stuart , I think I will get off to bed now , you know I have to make a speech tomorrow and I need to make sure I have a clear head ! “

“Hang on” I said “Its only 9.30, the night is still young, surely you don’t need to go just yet? “

“I love to stay a bit longer but I know I would regret it”

“Well OK, would you like me to bring you some hot chocolate to your room and tuck you in?”

With this, she laughed and started to walk away; she turned after a few paces and looked at me, and with a shroud of the shoulders, said “well maybe!”

I got the beers for myself and my drinking cronies and returned to my table. Whilst our Group Sales Director was in full flow giving one of his not very funny stories, I received a text message. It simply said “119”


Christ! As I tabbed down I saw it was from Helen. !! This was surely her room number. It must be. But maybe it was a wind up? I had thoughts of getting there and a little old lady answering the door , even worse, our Managing Director! Can you imagine the embarrassment?

I suddenly lost all interest in the conversation, and after a while I made an excuse that I need to go back to my room. I decided to go to room 119 and tap on the door. I could have texted Helen back I suppose but I went for the do or die option.

The corridor was deadly quiet. I tapped on the door, almost immediately, I heard the door unlocking and the door was ajar.

I pushed it gently, “Helen, are you there?” I whispered. “Is that you?”

I was so nervous I was all for walking away, but the door opened a little more and a hand reached out and gently pulled me in.

It was Helen alright; even though the lights were very low I could recognise her smell, her presence. As the door shut behind us, she immediately started to kiss me, her fingers stoking my hair, her tongue was darting in and out of my mouth . My hands instinctively found her backside; her skin was soft but firm. Although she was wearing a top I quickly found out she was not wearing any knickers. I felt my erection coming on and I pushed my groin into hers.

We had hardly spoken to each other at all up to now, but she suddenly looked at me and said “ I have waited a long time for this” and walked towards the bed. I could hardly believe what was happening to me and I stood there for a few seconds trying to understand. I walked towards the bed and at the same time took of my shirt , I sat on the bed and kicked of my shoes quickly followed by socks and jeans.

I leaned over to Helen and kissed her deeply. She immediately responded, her fingernails were running down my neck, her legs were wrapping around my back. By now my eyes were used to the dim light and I glanced down at the shirt she was wearing. “So why are you wearing a Celtic shirt! ? “ I asked . “Well”, she explained “my family is originally from Glasgow, didn’t know that did you?, and my dad and brothers got me into it and now I always wear the shirt to bed – so what is your team” ?


Ha! she laughed , “so a bit of a wolf are you ? – bet you like it doggy style then?” - She chuckled at her own joke.

I kissed her again and my hands began to fondle her breast. The foreplay got more and more intense, and my hand soon went between her legs. She was wet. She was very wet. The flesh parted easily and my fingers slid gently inside her. She quickly began moaning softly so I knew she was enjoying it. I felt light pressure from her hand on the back of my neck pushing me down. It was neither rushed, nor insistent but I was left in no doubt what she wanted. I did not want to disappoint. I changed positions so that I was on top and I could go down on her. I pushed up the Celtic shirt to expose her breasts and nipples and to give them some attention. Her nipples were already hard and she responded well to my kissing and sucking. Once again however, I felt my head being pushed; I moved down the bed and at the same time pushed her legs apart to expose her pussy for the first time. She was neatly shaved with just a small landing strip left. I kissed her inner thighs, slowly moving to the outer labia. I alternatively licked the right then the left, and then my right hand moved in and I slid two fingers inside her. I found her clit with my tongue and I flicked and sucked it with some speed. I tried to keep my fingers moving against her G spot at the same rhythm. Helen was obviously now seriously enjoying this; she was moving around the bed and pushing herself ever harder into my face. My left hand came underneath her and I gently started to rub her asshole, I pushed a little harder and I soon had a finger inside. Helen was by now breathing erratically and moving around so much I had trouble keeping contact. I sucked her clit a little harder and as soon as I did this I sensed her whole body tensing up.

Then she came.

And boy, did she come! “fuck!, fuck!, fuck!,fuck!” She repeated loudly, she was bucking furiously and her fingernails were scratching against my head. Her vulva was pushed hard into my face and I pushed my fingers inside her as far as they could go. Eventually

she calmed down and we just laid together in each others arms for a few minutes. Our breathing slowly returned to normal and then she pushed me onto my back and started to stroke and pull my cock rhythmically , I had actually lost my erection but Helen’s suburb handiwork soon had me rock hard again. She moved her leg across me and still holding my cock she guided it into her pussy. God! , she was tight, wet, and warm all at the same time. She moved very, very slowly up and down the shaft, as if we were both savouring the moment. As I squeezed her breasts she started to move backwards and forwards rather than a simple up and down. She suddenly leaned backwards and put her hands behind her head. I did the same with my hands, this was incredibly erotic, it felt as if it was just my cock and her pussy in contact, nothing else. Her rocking got faster and faster and once again I felt her tense up and she came. I knew I was not going to last much longer and as her orgasm subsided I too felt the tension rising and I explosively started to pump my semen inside her. Not quite a simultaneous orgasm, but pretty damn close.

As before we laid together for a while, gently kissing “enjoy that ? she said , “fucking fantastic” I replied.

“Well I reckon its 2:1 to Celtic” she said,

“eh? What do you mean?”

“Well I have come twice to your once! “

I laughed at her little joke. I explained that as a Wolves supporter, I had long got used to losing but in this case I didn’t mind one bit.

This girl was class, real class. Everything I knew about her before was confirmed, the only difference was that I now knew, with absolute 100% certainty, that she was a truly great lover too.