Written by A and M

16 Aug 2003

!Don’t know what it was about the place, but the minute she walked in to the club, my wife seemed to transform from a normal housewife into a cock hungry slut!

She’d seemed reticent at first but the electric atmosphere soon broke down those barriers! The short skirt, see through top and stilettos had certainly attracted attention as we were shown around on our tour of the club. And she loved it! She loved the fact that several men were clearly watching her every move and she played up to them!

I’ve never seen someone change so much in such a short space of time. She was up for it! It had been me asking her for months to give it a go, but to no avail. She’d said it wasn’t right or normal. But who wanted to be normal anyway?

The club was an exciting place, lots of nooks and crannies to get lost in. A dungeon, an open seated area where couples were fucking in full view of us all, dark rooms, attic rooms…the place was a huge expanse of sex!

Marilyn walked over to the bar with me and immediately felt a hand on her arse! The guy ran his hand over the soft, black leather and watched for my reaction. I smiled! She didn’t object either!

His hand moved slowly down to the hem and onto the back of her thigh. Unbelievably, she opened her legs slightly, as if inviting him to touch! I watched as his hand slipped up the inside of her skirt and found its’ target! I saw her jerk visibly and then groan! He began fingering her as we stood at the bar, only 15 minutes after entering the club!

Her little arse began to gyrate, forcing herself onto his fingers! His fingers were soon in a rhythm, working in and out of her! I wondered just how many cunts those fingers had been in already that night! She was in heaven, oblivious to the other men watching her!

A second guy walked up to us, a big man in a black leather jacket. He stood behind her, just inches away watching her body move! With one hand, he reached around to her tits and, through the thin lace top, began to massage them!

His other hand unzipped his fly and released his hard, erect cock as the first man continued fingering her!

The big guy lifted my wife’s skirt from behind, revealing her bare arse. He pushed her down onto the bar and lifted her off the floor. Her cunt lips were just a whisker from his bell end!

He looked at me, as if seeking approval.

“Fuck her!” I said!

He nudged his cock against her entry and with one powerful thrust he was inside her. She flinched and groaned! The bastard fucked her from behind, each thrust forcing her hard against the bar!

A small crowd gathered and witnessed my wife’s first act of infidelity in ten years of marriage!

She gripped the bar and begged him to spunk inside her as she screamed out in orgasm! And he did! I watched him push harder into her and saw his face grimace as he emptied his balls into her unprotected cunt! Incredible!

Already the other guys were ready, cocks in hand! I watched three more have her against the bar and then I took her off for my own enjoyment! We went up to the seated area and I asked her to straddle over my cock. As she slid down my pole, I could feel a cocktail of other men’s spunk ooze from her! I fucked her well lubricated hole and mixed my own spunk with theirs!

What a night. Thank you Xtasia!