Written by lis

14 Feb 2012

I work as a nurse in the midlands and sometime get sent on courses to learn new things.I am 55, 5ft 6. Size 16 and 36c

One day i was ask to go to Liverpool for a couple of days training to learn about new equipment. I went with one other girl from my hospital but met up with some local nurses that i knew from years ago.

The 1st nite we were taken out by the reps for dinner and drinks etc which was nice but the others decided to have an early nite!!!!! Anyway the 2nd nite the rep took us out again but this time 4 of us decided to go out to the Caven.

After lots of dancing and singing and of couse drinks we decided it was time to walk home and like always it seemed further to walk home then it did to get there and our feet started to hurt so i flaged the 1st car that we saw hoping to get a lift.

And to my horror it was a Police car who stopped and asked if we needed help. We told them our feet hurt and was looking for a lift back to the hotel. I was amazed when they said that they were just going off duty and would give us a lift.

So we squeezed in the back and when we got to the Hotel we tanked them and i said when your finished come back to the hotel and we will buy you a drink to say thanks.

After 15 mins the other went off to bed and I was thinking of doing the same when one of the guys came in. I got him the drink and we sat talking and drank the drink and asked him back to my room.

When we got in the lift we started kissing and his hand was up my skirt and in my panties in secs. I open my legs to make it easy for him as i rubbed his cock through his trs.

When the lift doors open we nearly ran to the run and once inside i was naked before the door closehe pushed me on the the bed and started to licked me out and i came 3 times before i got his cock out to suck. he wanted to get naked but i said no as i love being naked when the guy is dressed.

He was about 7inches and i could take him deep no problem. He fucked my face and shot his load into my mouth.

He then went to bathroom to clean up and left and then phoned my bf to tell him what just happened and he loved it and phoned me in the morning asking me to tell him again the details.