Written by adam

5 Oct 2003

a couple of weeks ago i called in at Elm Corner, just south of the A3/M25 junction - there were two cars parked - i could see a guy in one and a couple in the other - it was quite late and i hadn't expected much... i got out of the car and went into the bushes for a piss - i could see the single guy getting out of his car and walking towards me - he started chatting, asking me what i was 'into' etc - i told him i was bi and he asked if he could suck my cock - i got it out and he started giving me a really sloppy blowjob...it was obvious the couple in the other car could see something was going on - the passenger signalled for us to go over and there was a lovely young blonde, naked except for suspender belt and black stockings - she opened her legs and i started fingering her soaking wet pussy - she started sucking me and the other guy's dick - taking turns to deep throat both of us... then she knelt in the passenger seat with her arse sticking out the car... i knelt down, spread her cheeks and started licking her pussy - man what a creampie!! i dunno how many times she had been fucked that evening, but i got a mouth full of spunk - the guy who'd been sucking me slipped his fat cock into her drippin puss and started fucking her while i licked his balls - he shot his load into her, then i sucked him clean before licking the fresh cum out of her drippin cunt... i stood up and she fed my cock into her - stroking my balls and softly moaning as i slid it in and out of her cum soaked hole - her pussy milked my cock and just the thought of her well fucked cunt soon had me shooting deep inside... hope i bump into them soon!!!!!