Written by coppertin

3 Aug 2006

Emma had been surprised at first about me sucking my first cock, not upset, just surprised as she had seen me as the archetypal red blooded male that just shagged women. She did say though that she had enjoyed watching Liam spunk into my mouth and me struggle to swallow, she said she would give me lessons, and boy did I enjoy my lessons. I was sucked at every opportunity and shown the ropes by an expert until the time she said, it’s time for you to put all this into practice. I was, to be fair, still a bit scared as what had happened with Liam was spur of the moment not pre-planned.

We were going to a wedding in a couple of weeks time and Emma said she would create an opportunity there, but that she wanted something out of it too. The wedding reception was to be held at a grand hotel and we booked to stay overnight, as did many of the other guests.

As usual with these events, they are slow to get off the ground, until the drinks began to flow. Emma, who dances very well was on the floor regularly, I wasn’t, doing my usual and keeping the bar propped up and people watching. Emma was drawing attention with a lovely bronze coloured dress, but sheer and cut away at the sides, making it clear that she could not be wearing anything underneath, but her hold up stockings. She was not short of company and was flirting like a good un with all around. Harry was the first to take matters a little further placing his hand on Emma’s arse and slowly squeezing it, she later told me that she could feel his knob getting hard when she didn’t pull away, but pushed her thighs into his groin. She left him soon after and joined a small group, of which Neil and Steve were the most boisterous, particularly when the hokey-cokey started and they took every opportunity to wrap themselves around her as they gathered in the circle. She, I saw was smiling from ear to ear and when did eventually get on the dance floor for the very slow songs at the end of the night she whispered to me that Harry was up for a 3sum if I was. Harry is an acquaintance rather than close friend, is of mixed race and very physically fit, though a bit shorter than Emma or me.

I was merry enough to agree and she told me then to go to our room and she would follow soon. I did as I was asked and took another couple of bottles with me. I had finished the first one by the time Emma walked into the room, without Harry. She looked a bit dishevelled, but smiling. I asked what had gone on and she told me that Harry had joined her in the lift, but so had Neil and Steve. They were stroking her arse and tits on the journey to the fourth floor where they were staying and when one of them started kissing her neck and invited her in for a night cap she agreed. In the room she explained to them her rule about not fucking when I’m not there, but she gave each of them BJ and was covered in spunk, in her hair and on her cheeks and neck. I played hell with her as I felt I had missed out, but as she dropped her dress onto the floor I looked at her and began to kiss her pussy. She grabbed the back of my hair and told me to lick her face clean, as I was supposed to get some cum down my throat tonight. I did so, before slapping her arse and then fucking it, filling her tight hole with my seed and watching as it poured back out again.

The following morning I told her that she must be punished for spoiling the arrangements, and after some discussion she agreed to do as I told her for two whole days, without question.

At first I told her to dress only in a summer dress for breakfast, her choice would have been jeans for the journey home. I told her not to wear anything else but her nipple clamps , and to choose seats as near to Neil and Steve as we could, also to sit opposite me at the table. At breakfast we could only sit about four tables away from the boys, but I told Emma to sit down on the leather upholstered seat and to ensure that her arse was on the seat, not her dress, I wanted that to hang over the edges and not to stick when I played with her pussy under the table.

Her nipples stood to attention and looked fantastic, I slipped off my shoe and with my bare foot began to play with her pussy which was wet already. She is not a fan of feet and doesn’t like this usually but kept her promise to do as she was told. After getting her moist, I asked her to get my breakfast and bring it over to me, she did so from the breakfast bar and had the eyes of the room on her before returning for her own meal.

We ate and made our way back to our room, up the stairs, not in the lift, so people could see up her dress and that she was naked and shaven.

At the stairs landing I told her to fasten a loose shoe lace of my mine, but not to bend her legs, she had to bend at the waist to do it. It must have looked fantastic for the other guests that walked past.

We drove home and I told her that she must invite Harry around that night and then serve us food and drink. Unfortunately, not like at the movies, he was out and therefore didn’t take the call. Unbeknown to Emma, I then rang a couple of mates and invited them over. I explained that Emma was being punished and had to do as I told her. They cam at about 7.00 and Emma got the drinks from the fridge, dressed just the same, even though she said the clamps were hurting her nipples now. “Tough” I said, “but just to help you, I will allow you to remove your dress so there is no material rubbing on them.” Emma glared at me, she did not know Damien, nor Jon and was a bit unsure. To be honest I was too, but had to make the most of my time. “ Do it now”. Emma knew I would be angry or upset if she failed to honour her agreement, so undid the buttons on her dress and let it slip to the floor. Her tits looked fantastic, the clamps had been on for about 24 hours now and it was obvious that they did hurt as they were marking around the edges a little. Her shaven pussy glistened also and she looked fit. She smiled at me, the barrier had been broken if you like, she was now past any embarrassment stage. I told her to fetch more drinks which she did, after which I told her to put a dvd on for us to watch. I picked a porno dvd from the case and as the dvd player is on the shelf beneath the tv she had to bend to put it in. She did so, in the same way she had tied my lace, bending at the waist, this time, showing her lovely arse and pussy lips. Her tits swung low beneath her and I could see the lads were struggling not to come in their jeans. “Hold it there” I said and walked across to her and slapped her arse cheeks, leaving red marks on each. I then slapped inside her thighs, causing her to part her legs that bit more, exposing her pussy to better view. I asked Jon to fetch me a leather riding crop from the back room, which he did. I told Emma to place her hands on the flat on the sofa and stick her arse in the air again. She did as she was told and I then said that she should have six of the best with the crop. ( I knew that she liked it as we bought the crop for that purpose in the first place.) I stroked her arse from the left and she gasped, I had hit slightly harder than usual, then to the right. I then repeated the strokes to the inside of her thighs and she parted her legs, giving me access to the coveted pussy. I brought the crop up from directly beneath her and struck her pussy lips, not as hard as her arse but enough to cause her to gasp again and reach down with her hand. I told her that she had not been told to move and that she must have further strokes to punish her again. I gave her the last of the six, again on her pussy and she breathed a gasp of air but dare not move her hands this time.

I then told her to turn around and gave the crop to Damien. He looked at me and I gave him the nod, but slightly worried about what he might do. He stroked her nipples with the crop, before striking each one in turn. Emma cringed at first, but then I saw her hands reaching down to her fanny again. She was getting off on this. Damien passed the crop to Jon, who asked if Emma could suck Damien’s cock while he spanked her. I told Emma to do just that and she took Damien’s length into her mouth and hungrily sucked and licked, while Jon stroked and slapped her arse. It wasn’t long before Damien shot his load into her mouth and true to form she swallowed all, before licking his bell end clean. For his part, Jon had debagged and was wanking over her arse cheeks, before eventually coming over them and rubbing in the spunk, “to ease the pain of spanking” he said.

Emma then asked if she could get dressed, not just yet I said and handed the boys a small permanent marker pen, and told them to sign her arse cheeks. Emma glowered at me knowing that the marker pen wouldn’t come off for weeks if at all, but she was reminded that she was being punished and had a whole day to go yet.

The boys duly signed their names in bold across each cheek before leaving.

I hadn’t come yet, but decided that Emma maybe needed a rest, and I still had a whole day left for myself so I satisfied myself with a wank while Emma dressed and the boys left.

Day 2 to follow,………………….