Written by Like to watch

10 Apr 2013

Last night was very exciting although it started off being quite dull.

I was out of town on business sitting the bar of the hotel where I was staying. It was Friday night and the place was very busy. A beautiful woman slid onto the seat next to me, waved at the bartender and ordered a martini. I immediately noticed she had a wedding ring on. When I told her my name was James and offered to pay for her drink, she said thanks. The bartender delivered her the drink and took my money with the tip.

“I’m Bev”, she replied.

I told her I was from out of town on business and she said she was on vacation with her husband. Our talk then drifted in and out on a variety of topics. About 15 minutes later her husband joined us but because the seats were all full he stood behind us. She introduced Sam to me and we continued with small talk. Not much later, Bev excused herself, left the bar and Sam took her empty seat.

Soon in a soft whisper he said to me, “I like to watch Bev have sex with other men.”

Surprised by this revelation, I asked, “How does that work for you?”

Again whispering he said, “If you are interested, she wants to do it with you tonight.”

“Me? Have sex with your wife”? I quietly asked

“Yes. She just left and is in our room waiting for you”.

“Waiting to have sex with me?” I asked.

He replied, “If you want to do it, that is”.

“Why me?” I asked

“She likes you, I guess. It’s her choice. You have to ask her that”.

I was thinking how beautiful she was and was also intrigued with hooking up with her. I found myself telling Sam that I would go with him to their room.

When we got to their room, she was waiting for us.

“Can I get you a drink?” she asked.

“No thank you”, I answered and then went on, “Your husband mentioned a sex thing. What’s up about that?”

“Sam likes to watch me have sex with other men. I liked the look of you thus picked you.

If you are interested Sam will watch you and I do whatever. Are you OK with that?” she asked.

“I think I can I can handle it. You are a beautiful woman. Ravishing your body would be a gift of a lifetime. How do we get started?” I asked.

She said, “We start with a shower.”

I ask, “What are the rules? What will Sam be doing?”

Sam interjects, “I will only watch and otherwise not participate in any way. She is yours for as long as you both want to keep going. However, we have to leave tomorrow morning.”

When she told me to take a shower, I suggested that we take one together and she agreed. We both then went into their large bathroom, she started the shower and we undressed. I paid close attention to her as her clothes came off and she kept her eye on me. Sam stood the whole time in the doorway watching us. The adventure was soundly underway.

When we were both naked, we got into the shower together. Standing next to such a beautiful woman and knowing that I was going to get sexual with her caused me to have an erection. She was truly the most beautiful woman.

As she took a washcloth and soaped up my engorged penis and scrotum, she said, “Let’s get your junk clean”. All the while I also soaped up her body taking care to carefully clean her female parts between her legs as she was doing mine. After she washed my hair, I washed hers.

When we finished the shower, she toweled me dry and I wrapped that towel around my waist.

When we arrived at the bed, I pulled her towel off her body making her totally naked. I was anxious to get started and pushed her onto her back on the bed. I spread her legs. I buried my face onto her pussy. I was testing their rules to see how far I could go on this voyage. I was thinking how I wanted to fuck her like she had never been fucked before. I figured that an opportunity like this must be exploited to the max. Also, I was very anxious to get started and didn’t want to waste any time.

As my mouth, tongue and fingers were wreaking havoc with her pussy, she began to moan: “Oh god yes…yes…yes…” Her hands were on the back of my head. I had one hand reaching upwards feeling and squeezing a breast. My lips and tongue were on overdrive down between her legs.

After this concerted effort to prepare her for the fucking of her life, I heard her heavy breathing and sexual moans. I slid up to her side saying, “I need to fuck you now. I can’t wait”.

She said, “Do it…” and I saw her spread her legs wider to get ready for me to begin fucking her.

When I got on top of her, she was so excited and well lubricated that my dick easily slid into her, with her hand guiding it all the way. When we then started fucking, I began kissing her and she began deeply kissing me back which surprised me as I expected her to not allow kissing. I didn’t last very long and dumped my cum inside of her while groaning and squealing my usual mantra when I am having an orgasm.

Breathing deeply while trying to get my breath back, I apologized for the quick release but she said we have a lot more time to make it last longer. We then laid there quietly with her head on my shoulder. After a brief rest, she lowered her head down to my dick and began sucking on it while pumping it with her hand. She was getting me hard so that we could fuck again. As anyone might have guessed, I was very much in favor of that. When she got me hard, I asked her to get on her knees facing away from me and I fucked her doggy style while reaching around squeezing her tits. I noticed that she had one of her hands stimulating her clit which soon culminated in her having many orgasms in a row. She was very vocal as these globs of pleasure raced through her body.

We fucked several more times until midnight when she invited me to spend the night with her. Bev and I soon thereafter fell asleep on the bed and Sam sat on the couch still viewing us but soon looked like he was asleep.

Around 2am, I felt her feeling my flaccid dick while whispering to me, “Fuck me again”

I put my finger in her pussy and began massaging her clit. She continued jacking me off. After a short time, I pulled her to be on top of me and she sat right down on my now resurrected very hard dick. Immediately, she began fucking me. I pulled her down so I could chew on her nipples as she fucked me. This time she took charge and began kissing me. I kissed her back with a passion. The romance was on. We fucked each other in so many positions, I lost count

At one point while she and I were resting again, Sam went into the bathroom and while he was gone I whispered to her, “I want to take you home with me.”

She replied, “Sorry tonight is all you get”.

We then made more love over and over until the sun came up.

It was awkward in the morning when I was dressed and ready to leave. I didn’t really know what to say or do.

She said, “Thank you for an awesome time. Your muscular trim body knows how to make a girl feel real good.” After hearing that, I wondered what Sam was thinking.

Sam was in the room watching us but didn’t say anything.

“You are a delightful sex partner”, I added, “Thanks for the opportunity.

When I went to the door to leave, she followed me there. Impulsively, I pulled her to me and kissed her. This time I was not surprised when she deeply kissed me back. Both of my hands were holding her ass as we kissed for an unusual amount of time.

I then turned to Sam and said, “You are one lucky guy to have a woman like this in your life. Good luck to both of you.”

I then went out the door and didn’t look back. But I had a spring in my step as I made it back to my room.