Written by trac

23 Jul 2004

last night was a staff do to celebrate the start of the summer hols. I went dressed in a sexy shortish summer skirt, low cut top thing and sexy high heals and a skimpy bra. The evening would be fun, except my lover dave would not be there so i was expecting a tame do. he drink flowed like anything I was getting pissed and chatted up by a colleague from another college, he was soon groping my bum and suggesting what we could do later! He is a good looking mixed race guy of 28 years of age, he has a great body due to the fact he teaches soport I suppose. At the end of the evening he offered me a lift home in the car park he kissed me and groped my 36c tits and pulled my nipples that were rock hard and told me they wre the best nipples he had ever seen. he started to finger my pussy and the he drove the car to a secluded car park and we started again he went down on my pussy he said he loved white shaved cunt and sarted to lick I came twice then he came up french kissed me and I took his large cock out of his trousers he must be 9" cut and thick and shaved too, I love shaved cock and I deep throated him, I then had my head pulled off th seat push bak and he got on top and entered me and fucked me hard, I was screaming and moaning for himto fuck me harda ndeep and he was telling me what a tight little slut i was and did i prefer younger guys I am 36 and was he bigger than my husband and he ceratinly is and a better fuck! He pulled my hair as he fucked and was quite rough but I like it that way, he cam inside me and then asked me to suck him again and I did he was hard again in about five minutes, he got me out of the car and over the bonnet of his ca and took me again doggy fingering my asrea nd then pulled out of my cunt and into my arse and I almost could not breath he fucked my arse until he came again. We kissed got dressed and he drove me home fingering my driping cunt as he drove, as we got home he aksed me for my mobile and we swopped numbers promising a return fuck in the hols, I got home had a shower and got into bed with my husband and said that the party was a bit dull no sexy men at all. I am sore this morning but have a smile.