Written by PussyInspector

10 Jul 2004

A couple of weeks ago when the weather was nice and hot(shorts&T-shirt attire) I had gone into town to do some food shopping and was walking back from the suermarket when I saw my bus was just about to pull away from the bus stop and I didn't fancy another half an hour wait so I ran along the side of the bus and the driver eventually stopped and I squeezed to the middle of the bus and leaned against a metal pole to stop me from falling over and I kept checking to see if there was a spare seat anywhere and my eyes made conatct with a black woman who was about mid 50's pointing to a seat next to her right in the corner of the bus which would be a squeezebut I took her up on the offer and squeezed past and as I did so I got a look at her large chest which was practically hanging on her lap and I have to admit my cock gave a stir which she must of felt as I brushed past her leg and she smiled as I apologised for the tight squeeze.She held her hand out and introduced herself as Barbara and I intorduced myself and then opened a bag and removed a bottle of coke and proceeded to guzzle about half of it down my thirsty throat and just then Barbara put her hand on my thigh and asked if she could have a drop as she was getting all hot and sticky in the heat as the heaters were on and I handed her the bottle and watched her take a swig and she eneded up finishing it off.She apologised and asked where I was getting off which was only one stop on from her and she said she insisted I went back to hers where she would fix me a late lunch in return for the drink.As I hadn't had lunch I took her up on the offer and we both squeezed past the people standing and we were getting some looks from others on the bus but I was just looking to eat as my throat felt as if it had been cut.We walked up the driveway and into Barabaras house and I asked if I could use her toilet and she told me it was second on the left so I shot up the stairs and shut the door and pulled my shorts down to let my cock free and had a long pee and it went down thank god.I washed my hands and walked out of the toilet and noticed a bedroom door was wide open and couldn't resist a quick peek whilst she was downstairs preparing lunch and I put my head round the door and saw her bed had some clothing on top of it and what caught my eye straightaway was a huge bra which looked the size of a hammock and I imagined it on Brabara keeping those huge breasts supported.I also noticed a large pair of white panties and checked the croutch to see if they were clean or dirty and I put them to my nose and could smell a pussy aroma so I wondered if she had slept in them the previous night.I then went downstairs and Barbara asked if I found the toilet ok and I said yes and sat at her kitchen table and she went to the fridge an bent down to get to the bottom shelf and showed her big arse in my direction and by now I was wondering if she was doing it on purpose and she pulled out a bottle of beer and got two glasses and came and sat beside me and she poured it out I couldn't keep my eyes off her chest and she asked me if I found anything interesting in her bedroom and she said she heard the creaky flooboard so I said sorry and she just laughed.I told her I saw one of her large bras and wondered how they kept such a large chest supported and she then lifted her green sweater to show me her black bra she had on and I was just staring open mouthed so she dropped the sweater back down and made the lunch.Afterwards we went into the lounge to relax and she told me she was a widow and her husband died some 5 years ago so it was nice to have some company instead of just her cat.I told her I was divorced and enjoyed that fact as it meant I didn't have to answer to anyone.Barbara then said she was going to get into something more comfortable and I thought that was a cue for me to go and she said no please stay as I want to get to know you better so I sat down and poured another drink and wondered what she would be wearing when she returned.I turned the remote on and had been watching the tv for about 15 minutes when she reappeared saying I do hope you won't be watching that now I am back and when I turned round there she was stood in white nightie which was a tight fit and dark nipples were see-thru and I stood up and walked towards her and kissed her bang on the lips and she responded by rubbing my cock and took me by the hand upstairs to her bedroom.She got on the bed and opened her legs so I joined her and straightaway went to those big black jugs and lifted the nightie so I could get one of the nipples in my hungry mouth and started to suck long and hard and Brabara pushed my face down hard and was breathing heavy so I moved my knee between her legs and started to rub up and down and soon the room was starting fill with the smell of sex and I removed her nightie fully off so she was naked apart from her panties which by now were soaking wet as was my knee so I ran my tongue down her stomach and slowly pulled her panties down to reveal a wet hairy pussy which looked so good I submerged my face right in and inhaled her smell which smelt so good and really sexy I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted two straight off and felt her jump as they moved around inside and I removed and let her suck her juices off and rammed them back inside to collect some for me to taste and by now we were just a hot sweaty pair hungry for sex so we got into a 69 positiona nd she went to work on my cock sucking it in and releasing it each time drawing it in with her mouth and also squeezing my balls whislt she was rubbing her blackbox all over my face and her legs locked me there I thought I would suffocate and I was drenched when she came over my face I in turn shot my spunk down her throat and she then licked my shaft and balls clean of any spunk that had escaped her mouth.We lay there for a little while then she grabbed my now stirring cock and went about getting it fully hard again and it wasn't long before it was standing to attention so I told her to mount me so I could play with her tits as she rode me and it was so good to play with those tits I imagined as I was sucking on them how good they must of been when she was carrying her son.I squeezed sucked lick and massaged them until I felt the urge to shoot my wad into her and pulled her arse towards me and slapped it a couple of times and it felt so good dumping my cum into someone who only a couple of hours ago was a complete stranger.Brabara stayed in position and then put her hand over her pussy and then stuck a couple of fingers inside her matted hair and put them to her mouth so she could taste our mixed juices and then she told me to join her in a shower.I got up off the bed and followed her not missing the chance to fondle her as she walked into

the bathroom.Once the water sprinkled over bodies we were soon locked in a long lingering kiss as we ran our hands over each others bodies and she went to her knees to suck me off

and I just let the water run all over with my hands behind my head enjoying it and she removed her mouth and turned round to open her arse cheeks and told me to fuck her arse so I ran my helmet up and down her arse and slowly started to ease into her and she was soon pushing backwards to get my cock into her and I carrid on pushing it in then out and was slapping her black arse which she liked as she was squealing and I told her she had a nice arse and I was going to dump my load into it and then I did just that and when I removed my cock the sight of my gooey spunk dribbling out of her arse down her black legs was such a great site I wish someone had been there to film or take pictures.Afterwards when we went back to the bedroom to dress I asked her when we could have a repeat performance and she said never as her boyfirend(wish she had failed to mention at all in conersation)would be back within the hour and this was a one-off mainly due to the fact he had been abroad for a month so with that I gave Barbara hug and a long kiss and wished her well and she said she was the one who should be thanking me.As I walked home I must of had the biggest smile across my face which took a while to go.I do hope I see her again either on the bus or in town and get asked back sometime again.