Written by john

10 May 2006

yesterday my package arrived it was my cock pump i could not wait to try it out. last night i did try it when i watched a dvd. the film was a bi wet film. i was remembering my one and only oral ejaculation with a man. (i was just 18) now i am 51. the pump worked well i was biger than i could have thought. well the film started m/f fun m came in the f. he stayed in her another m came in the room to the bed and pulled the first man off the girl you could see the sperm trickeling out of her the second man put his head to it an licked. i rememberd the last time i had a cream pie my now x wife. well the man who had ejaculated started to play with the other mans cock he rolled him over to suck bett athe girl knelt over his face just as the man came she let go a steam of pee. the man drank the cum. that was when i came i rub all my spunk in around my cock and balls remembering an old girlfriend who enjoyed peeing over me. thinking how i could find a girl who would show me how to suck her mans cock but not pee unless she was in to do that. the excess spunk i collected in my hand and licked my fingers clean. i love the last of my cum. my dream is to last another mans direct from him. email if you are game