Written by Dave

18 Nov 2013

We are a fairly well to do couple in our early 50's,several months ago when at a dinner party with four friends ,the liquor had been flowing ,not drunk just merry and late into the evening the subject got on to sex ,just general things like who you fancied etc.The ladies,all wives ,all attractive were laughing and joking about silly sex things.Someone asked them what part of sex would they have liked to have done ,my wife said initially as a joke that she wouldn't have minded a bit black and of course there were the comments ,once you go black you'll never go back.The other wives agreed and so I said I wouldn't mind so long as I could watch?Talking about it really turned my wife on and in bed that night I had the finest sex we had had for some time.

The next day I mentioned again about what she had said and she said she would love to and the fact that I didn't seem to mind had really turned her on.

A little while later my wife said her and her friends had discussed this and wanted to go ahead but didn't know any black men ,I said I did but approaching someone about this was a bit alien to me.however at the gym there are several black men who I have known casually for several years and during a chat I happened to mention the situation,I was amazed when one of the guys said this comes up often in conversation and on a couple of occasions he had obliged.

I told my weft and said I had invited him around mainly to see if she actually fancied him.He turned up and immediately had the right impact,well dressed,polite ,educated and fit.

I saw my wife was really interested and as we talked about she said what about now,I was a bit taken aback but as I had agreed to it I couldn't really object.

The next thing we are in the bedroom and my wife and her lover are getting to know each other,fondling and kissing and soon almost naked.They were lying on the bed when her lover began using his tongue which my wife loves and to my amazement she was sucking what I can only describe as a serious penis.Much bigger than me in both length and girth.

I. Am now sitting watching with my cock absolutely rock hard,my wife was acting like as slut I was really surprised and began to wander if she was really new to this,anyway they carried on and when it came to the point where he is about to enter her I was really wanking.I watched as he slowly pushed his penis into her soaking wet fanny she groaned and moaned as she tried to accommodate its length and girth,she was really enjoying this and all I could think is this is the most erotic thing I have ever seen ,another man fucking your wife(fantastic)

they carried on and I then saw my wig have an orgasm like I don't think she ever had before,she almost screamed wit pleasure as he emptied his cum into her,no condoms,so she got the full load,which she seemed to enjoy.

By this time I had shot my load and watched as they started to tidy themselves,I said I will get some drinks and wait downstairs,after a while they hadn't come down so I crept up and through the door crack I saw my wife getting fucked again and she was really enjoying it.

Next day I asked how it was for her and she smiled and said ,thank you.

I am sure she wants to do it again and I think she will,whether she tells me ,I don't know,but the sex we have now is much better and my friend from the gym only said If I can oblige again I will.Thankfully he has been very discreet.

When I think about it I get really turned on.