Written by Lee

13 Sep 2007

EROTIC WOODLAND STROLL, I and my wife have being having strolls thru the local woods for a while now and i started playing erotic games with liz lifting her skirt up tucking into her waistband telling her horney men might see her panty clad bum Liz got very excited and very wet in her panties so has weeks went by i pushed the boundarys a little further so it remained exciting then one afternoon we went to the woods i told liz to take her panties off and give them to me she gave a little token protest then slipped her knickers off and gave them to me i then tucked her skirt up into her waistband so her bum and between her legs were fully bare and exposed i could see liz was excited by the wet slick between her legs now as we walked we saw and old man coming along the path so liz and i backed up against tree the old man asked for a light for his pipe i fumbled in my pockets and offered him a light i glanced at liz and saw she had her eyes closed thinking i had made her scared i reached behind her to pull her skirt down only to find the old man with his fingers between my wifes legs liz had parted her legs for him and he was enjoying her wet vagina i saw liz visably shudder and the old man was licking his fingers and sniffing them he then walked off i wispered to liz he had gone she opened her eyes and told me i was very naughty giving her an orgasm in front of a stranger wqhen i told it was not my hand liz thought i was lying until i let her smell my hand i made her walk back minus her knickers she was soaking we have talked about it and she has asked to go back again for more fun will keep you posted