Written by Rob and Jill

16 Jul 2004

I want to take you back to July 13th this year. My wife Jill and I were in a bar near La Rochelle, France watching England play France in the Euro 2004 competition. On this particular evening we were the only English among a crowd of boistrous French lads, many of whom were local firefighters. The banter - albeit pigeon French / English was brilliant. I speak reasonable French and although Jill speaks none at all she was really getting into the swing of things, mainly with hlep of Pernod and Kir. As the game wore on she was getting really cocky and loud as England were pretty much on top. Being a football follower and having endured England matches many times in the past, I tended to keep my thoughts and emotions under control knowing full well that things can often blow up in your face! But Jill was really going for it, winding up the French guys who were laughing at her antics but deep down were probably cursing her! Four of the guys were the focus of most of her crowing and she kept ruffling their hair and bouncing up down everytime something exciting happened. This was becoming a bit of talking point amongst the lads as she has quite big boobs and they were obviously out of control as she jumped around, displaying much excited nipple through her bra and clingly England T shirt. Things started to change a bit when Golden Balls missed his penalty and the guys started to suddenly believe they could get something from the match but Jill was having none of it so she blindly kept up the barrage of England songs and bouncing about! Then one of the guys, speaking in a broken English, told her to 'put her money where her mouth was'and make a bet if she was so confident. The Euro notes were flowing but he then said that if France scored she had to 'get her tits out'which she said ok as 'they had no chance'. I told her to shut up because it was beginning to look a bit ominous for England but 'oh no' she just kept on with her pissed bravado. 'So what if France win'? said the guy.

She just laughed at him and said that was so unlikely that she'd strip off for them if they did. Bearing in mind that there was only five minutes left at this stage even I thought we'd at least get a draw. The guy responded that if France won him and his mates wanted more than a strip tease.

He said something in French to his mates who all cheered and started singing in French whilst making rude gestures with their hands and mouths!

With that France got a free kick on the edge of the box and my stomach started churning for a couple of reasons. He scored and there was pandemonium as they started jumping around ruffling her hair (and mine) and she had her boobs grabbed by a couple of them. Then they started chanting off off off and pointing at their T shirts. I told her we'd better leave before it out of hand but she just turned towards them and, in one big lifting motion, pulled her T shirts and bra off over her head. I was stunned and a bit angry with her but she was well into things by now and they were lifting her up by the waist and jumping her up and down to swing her massive melons. Within seconds the French were awarded the penalty and they grabbed her whilst Zidane was getting ready and as soon as he scored they lifted her skirt and started pawing her. They place was going wild and she was right in the middle of it all topless with her skirt around her wasit being molested by four french firemen. The game finished but they didn't. We have a bet they one them said and I grabbed her to leave buy she said I was an 'old fart' and with that she stripped off to just her shoes and was carried around the bar shoulder high by one the guys as the conga'd around the bar with my wife naked on their shoulders before disappearing into the adjoining room where she was led down on a chaisse longue and promptly invited them all to take their winnings. I was powerless to stop them (and her) and by now was so intrigued and excited by what was happening that I just watched the action as for the second time that night France f**ked England