Written by benwindex

5 May 2005

Before I begin, this is not a story that ends up with 2 black men sporting 12 inch cocks spit roasting my wife.

We are both in our late 50's and I'm going to call my wife Elaine, only because it is her middle name and hardly anyone knows that. Two years ago we bought a campervan and made the decision to do a lot of touring around UK and Europe.

During the ten years that we have been married sex has been sporadic and sometimes non-existant. We've talked about it but not really come up with a workable solution to get things back on track.

I found out about the dogging scene only through looking for wank topics on the internet and for many years that was my main source of excitement. The more I read the stories the more I liked them. I worried that if I were to take part in dogging my health could be at risk and for this reason, more than any other, I decided that things would just never work out.

However, in our infrequent love making I would get Elaine well and truly drunk, then tell her my fantasies about dogging and she would have no memory of it the day after.

When we started to tour round Europe there would be several nights when we would just pull off the motorway and make our camp for the night in the rest area. Being in a campervan all you have to do is draw the curtains across and you have your privacy. Unlike England, where service areas all have petrol stations, there are many in Europe that are just little picnic sites, sometimes with toilet facilities sometimes not.

It became very obvious to me very quickly that many of these rest areas were meeting places for the lads to get together. All the light signalling and needless strolling round the car park made it so obvious.

Then, one night, just 2 weeks ago we parked up in one of these rest areas and had some beer and wine. We kept the curtains open and all the lights out. One chap came up to the van window and peered in at very close quarters. Elaine thought it was funny and the fact that she had a few drinks down her meant that she did not get upset as she otherwise would have done.

Eventually, he gave up, didn't find any cock action for himself either and off he went. I turned the inside light on at its lowest setting and started to undress Elaine. I got the beds out and proceeded to have a very enjoyable session making love to her.

Despite having the light on and being able to look through the windows, nobody took us up on our implied offer. It did make me realise though that a further adventure might be possible.

It must have been a full week later when we were next parked up in Germany. Because it is important to have the van level so that you don't roll out of bed in the middle of the night I often find that I park in spots that look odd to other people. On this occasion I got nice and level in front of a big truck. He had his curtains closed and his satellite dish bolted to his cab door. He was obviously watching TV and taking no interest in anything outside. I convinced myself that he would be in the dark when it got dark and would watch us through the curtain gap.

As it got dark, and as we both got more drunk I sat next to Elains and took her top off. She has the most wonderful bust. It is big and firm without the slightest droop. I started to play with her tits over the top of her bra. Then I noticed a carp had pulled up in front of us where he was not supposed to park because he was really on the exit ramp. He came up to the window and Elaine was giggly at the goings on. I continued to play with her tits and she did not object. Then she thought better of it and said "no". I waved him away, he gave me a thumbs up sign and walked off. I imagined he would be back so I got 2 more drinks and took her bra off. I continued playing with her tits and sure enough he came back. Again he watched at close quarters, this time for longer and then again she lost her nerve and I waved him off for a second time.

Within ten minutes he was back and had another chap with him. He stood just outside my view and all I could see of him was a big red glow from what must have been a cigar rather than an cigarette. Elaine had by now got caught up in the enjoyment of being played with her and I laid her on her back on asked if she wanted me to lick her. I knew that being down on my hands and knees would give me the chance to look through the windows without it being obvious. Sure enough I settled in to give her a blow job and the company came back. They had both decided to peep in, keep moving, wander round and avoid standing stationary.

I spotted my opportunity, pulled my trousers off and stuck my dick in. This being the first time that I have ever done anything like this meant that my dick was rock hard and it would need no external stimulation for me to have my ejaculation. Sure enough, within 30 seconds i was not moving and the spunk was spurting out of me.

We don't have our next trip planned yet and I'm sure there won't be any escalation of activity. There might be a repeat performance but that's as far as it will go.

Hope you enjoy