Written by Stephen Derbyshire

4 Dec 2004

My wife Angela has instructed me to write this story and as I obey her she is next door in bed with her 2 latest randy young and VVWE studs.

The evening began around 6pm with Angela slowly getting herself ready. She had a long hot bath during which she shaved her shapely 34E 25 36 body, leaving just a tiny v of pubic hair pointing the way to her pussy. After she had finished her hair and make-up, she rested before getting dressed and this was when she told me that we were going to Leicester. She instructed me to pour her a glass of red wine and then she sent me out to check that the car was clean and full of petrol. When I returned home Angela was ready. She teased me by opening her skimpy wrap-over dress and showing me the raunchy underwear that she had chosen for the night. She was wearing a ¼ cup bra, suspender belt, black seamed stockings, high heels and a tiny silk thong. I was allowed to look, but not to touch.

In the first bar we had a drink and Angela flirted with several young guys, but she didn’t find anyone that she really fancied so we left and we walked along Granby Street to the next bar. As I bought the drinks Angela went to the ladies and when she returned to the bar she told me that she had met someone she liked and she would see me later on. Taking her drink she walked off towards the crowded top end of the bar.

I waited where I was for about 10 minutes, because I knew that my wife would be annoyed if I was observed watching them by her new friend(s)and then I discreetly followed her. I found her standing in a quiet corner in the middle of a group of about 5 lads, all of whom were half her age. Angela was in her element flirting with these randy young lads and they all seemed to be very happy chatting with a mature woman.As I watched them, one of the lads went to the bar for a round of drinks and he bought Angela one. She took the drink and gave him a kiss.Loud music was playing and the lad who had just bought her a drink took hold of Angela’s hand and he led her onto the impromptu dance-floor.

Angela was now not just being observed by me. All of the lad’s mates and most of the other single lads in the bar also watched as the young lad, who I later found out was called Paul, began to smooch with my wife. His hands started off on Angela’s shapely hips, but they quickly moved onto her bottom. He pulled her to him and he eased one of his knees in between her legs. He kissed her and his hands moved up to her breasts The lads in the bar who had all been cheering went quiet and just watched as Paul began to quite openly play with my wife’s more than ample orbs. The ¼ cup bra that she was wearing gave her large breasts some support, but it did nothing to cover them and underneath the thin lycra of her dress they were effectively naked. Angela’s hands remained passively around his neck as he did this, but when one of his hands moved inside her dress she stopped him and she suggested they go somewhere quieter.

Back with his mates Paul was a hero. They all wanted to go to a nightclub but Angela had other ideas. She told him that she had a taxi booked to take her home and she would love him to join her. She added that her husband was abroad on business so they would be alone. He wanted to, but he was staying overnight with one of the lads called John. Angela mentioned to Paul that she had always fancied trying a threesome and the arrangements were made. The other 3 lads left to go to the club and Angela took out her mobile phone to send a text message for her taxi.

The message read ‘Taxi required outside Globe Bar at 11.00pm’

I went to get the car and I arrived just a couple of minutes late.My wife and her 2 friends were waiting on the pavement outside the bar. Angela was being kissed by John and Paul was standing right behind her. I opened the window and called out ‘Taxi for Derbyshire’. The 3 of them got into the back of the car. Angela gave me some directions and then she resumed her kiss with John. Looking through the rear view mirror I could see just the heads of the people on the back seat, so I adjusted the angle of the mirror to enable me to see more of what was happening.

Whilst his friend was kissing my wife Paul began to play with her.He pulled open the top of her dress and he eased out her naked breasts. He caressed them both and then he lowered his head and he kissed them. As he sucked on first one of Angela’s erect nipples and then the other, Paul’s hand moved down her shapely body. Angela broke the kiss with John and she teasingly said to Paul ‘Oh, No you shouldn’t do that, what about the taxi driver’. Paul stopped what he was doing and he said ‘Don’t worry about him he won’t mind. Will you mate’.It was a statement not a question and Paul did not wait for an answer, before his eager hand resumed its journey towards the more intimate parts of my wife’s body. John now began to play with Angela as well and, as he firmly caressed her naked and now fully exposed breasts,Paul’s hand disappeared underneath the hem of her slinky lycra dress.

The atmosphere in the car was electric as these 2 randy young lads openly played with my wife as I drove through the brightly lit streets of Leicester and by the time that we reached the outskirts everyone was very excited. When we arrived in open countryside, the darkness meant that it was difficult for me to see exactly what was happening on the back seat. The loud erotic groans, however, told me that the 2 lads were continuing to sex-up my wife as I drove them towards my home. When we got close I slowed down and playing my part as a taxi driver I asked for directions. When Angela didn’t answer I glanced over my shoulder and I saw why. Her head was in Paul’s lap and she was sucking his cock. I pulled over to the side of the road and I stopped the car. I mentioned to the lads that I needed to know where to go, but they told me that I would have to wait. Paul then held Angela’s head where it was and I had to wait patiently for several long minutes until he was ready to let her sit up and direct me.

As I pulled up on the drive to our house Angela passed me a £20 note and she asked me if I could return in an hour or so to take her friends home.I said that I could come back if she wanted me to and she said that she would call me, but then Paul cut in and he mentioned that it would be almost impossible for him and John to get a taxi in the early hours of the morning and, if I was unable to return, they might be stuck. He then asked Angela if she had a room where I could wait whilst they had some fun and when she said that I could wait in the kitchen or in her husband’s office Paul turned to me and he invited me to join them. He said that I could have a drink and watch TV whilst I waited and he hinted that I could ‘have a go’ after he and his mate had finished with Angela. I accepted the invitation.

Angela led the way up our drive hand in hand with her 2 new friends.She took everyone into the lounge and then she went into the kitchen for some drinks. Whilst she was away Paul told me that he and his mate had picked Angela up in Leicester and she was ‘well up for it’.He said ‘Make yourself scarce when she gets back and when me and John have finished with her we’ll make her come back to Leicester with us in the taxi so that you can have some fun after you’ve dropped us off’. Not long after that my wife returned with 2 beers and a glass of red wine. As she passed the beers to her 2 friends she invited me to get myself a drink from the kitchen and she added that they would not be too long. Even before I had left the room the 2 lads had taken my wife in their arms I filled the kettle for my tea and I quietly walked back over to the door which I had deliberately left very slightly ajar. I peeped through the gap just in time to see the lads removing my wife’s dress. It fell to the floor and I then realised that Angela was no longer wearing any panties. It turned out that the lads had removed these in the car on the way home and Paul had put them into his pocket as a souvenir. Angela was now standing with her feet about 18 inches apart and with 1 of the lads on either side of her. They took turns to kiss her and their hands roamed up and down her shapely and now fully exposed body at will. They squeezed her breasts and the cheeks of her bottom quite firmly. They pinched her nipples and they stroked her pussy. She was in heaven.

Angela loved being in the company of randy assertive young men.She enjoyed being erotically teased and even sexually used by them and these 2 lads were certainly doing that. Paul said something to Angela, John laughed and then my wife began walking towards the kitchen.I moved away from the door and I resumed making my cup of tea. Angela walked in and she told me that the lads had sent her in to make sure that everything was OK with me and to tell me that she would ‘make it worth my while’ after I had dropped them of later on. Then, in a much quieter voice, my wife asked me if I had seen the size of Paul’s cock in the car. I said that I had not been able to see too much because I had been afraid to stare at him. She smiled and as she left she told me that it was probably just about the biggest that she had ever seen. She added that he had already told her that most of his young girlfriends were scared by it and that none of them had ever been able to take it all. That was one of the reasons that he had ‘pulled’ an older woman tonight and why he’d brought John along. ‘He’s going to let John fuck me first, just to open me up, and then he is going to fuck me with his huge cock and he is going to make me take every last bit of it. Then she was gone. I peeped through the door but all I saw was my wife leading the way up the stairs towards our bedroom with her 2 friends in close pursuit.I waited a while and then I quietly crept upstairs after them, but they had closed the door behind them and I was going to be unable to see any more

I sat in the lounge with my cup of tea watching muted TV and listening intently to the passionate sounds coming from the main bedroom and I was quite surprised when my wife came back downstairs to me just about 15 minutes later. She explained that they had not finished,in fact they had not really started yet. The lads had sent her down to me to ask if I had any durex. As I passed her the 3 I had in my wallet, Angela quietly told me that she was having a great time. Just as soon as they had got into the bedroom the lads had made her erotically dance for them whilst they undressed. Then they had made her play with herself and they had told her that they wanted to watch her make herself cum. After that they had made her wank and suck both of their cocks,one at a time, then both together and then Paul had told John to fuck her.

Angela took the durex back upstairs to her friends and the next time that I saw her was over an hour later. It was now 01.15am. She had been quite obviously well and truly fucked, but the lads still had not finished. They had sent her downstairs for some more drinks and they had told her that she also had to ‘persuade’ their taxi driver to wait a while longer.

My raunchy wife indicated that I should follow her into the kitchen and once inside she closed the door behind us. She sat down on a stool and she instructed me to pour her a large glass of red wine. As I did this, Angela teased me by telling me that both of the lads had just fucked her. ‘John went first’, but he didn’t last long before he spunked in the durex’, she said. ‘But then Paul took over and he was really fantastic’.Angela took a sip of her wine and then she then told me that Paul had been quite assertive with her. He made her take every bit of his cock and he had fucked her good and hard. ‘It was fantastic and I want more. You don’t mind. Do you Darling’. She was just about to leave with the drinks when the kitchen door opened and Paul walked in. He was naked.

‘Is everything OK’ he asked. Angela said that everything was fine and I nodded my agreement. Paul walked over to Angela and then,taking hold of her hand, he led her over to me. He made my wife face me and then, as he stood close by her side, he began to play with her breasts.As he did this Paul said ‘She’s got great tits hasn’t she mate’. I agreed. His hand moved down her body and as he caressed my wife’s lower belly he told me, ‘if you don’t mind waiting to take us home just a bit longer, you can have some fun with her yourself after you’ve dropped us off’. He then looked at Angela and he added ‘Can’t he’. Without being told to Angela had opened her legs and Paul was now stroking her pussy.When she didn’t respond fast enough he gave her a slap on her bottom and he repeated his question. Angela groaned out loud and then she said ‘Oh, yes. If he doesn’t mind waiting whilst you and John fuck me again, I’ll see to him after he has dropped you both off’. Playing with her breasts and now her shaven pussy and then hearing her speak dirty like this caused Paul to get an erection. Angela saw this and she reached for him.

To be continued…………